Crazy Claw arcade style game and giveaway

Crazy Claw is a scaled down arcade grabber style game, which will give players an easier chance of winning the game, rather than the larger real-life version.

Crazy Claw comes from the amazing Drumond Park crew and this one is a big hit in our house. When we were sent this game, we were very excited as we always wanted to play these in the arcades, but knew our chances of getting anything would be nearly nil! Β Crazy Claw combines a grabber element with the fun of a ‘board’ game.

Crazy Claw

The rules and set up are quite simple. Inside the box there is a clear plastic square tube, which needs to be pressed into shape to become the case of the box. There are sets of 4 different coloured balls with tokens inside which you need to grab with the hand claw and then match the tokens with the pictures on your card.

wp-1474799526313.jpgSound easy? Well, you also have to be quick and have a steady hand as the other players are out to make it as hard for you as possible by frantically pressing the paddles on the game which make the balls you are aiming for fly off in another direction!

The first to collect all their correct tokens from the inside the balls and match them to their card wins the game. It’s a simple, fast and furious game.

We have played this a number of times and the laughter and noise which we make is hilarious. It’s a real, ‘wake the street-up’ kind of game. Perfect for family parties (Halloween and Christmas is coming up!).

We have slightly modified the game play by adding little sweets in each empty bouncing ball (once a token is removed from the balls, the empty ball is put back in to play so others could potentially pick an empty ball). So, if someone does pick an empty ball, at least they have a little surprise treat. The kids love this version…and I don’t mind it either! πŸ™‚

The game is for 2-4 players and is aimed at 5+ age. The simple paddle pressing twist on this game makes it a fun and noisy game. The children get really excited and it feels like you are playing the game all the time, rather than waiting for your turn as you are constantly doing something. Β The RRP is Β£22.99 and is available from all good toy retailers.

We really enjoy this game. Lots of laughs, lots of noise and giggles. Great fun for all the family of all ages.

If you would like to win your own Crazy Claw game from Drumond Park, enter the below:
Crazy Claw giveaway

Disclosure: we were sent this game to provide an honest review. All my views and opinions are honest and have not been influenced.




213 thoughts on “Crazy Claw arcade style game and giveaway

  1. My favourite arcade game is space invaders although I always died when it or really quick!

  2. Those machines in seaside arcades where you can win 2p or 10p coins. Great fun for a child with only a little pocket money.

  3. I like the machines like they have on Tipping Point. Such satisfaction when I manage to get a keyring or little toy out!!

  4. I love the crane machines the best, my little boy won me a Jessie from Toy Story recently, I thought he didn’t have a hope of winning so he shocked me lol

  5. I love beat the clock. You have roll balls into holes before the time runs out, it’s great fun πŸ™‚ x

  6. My favourite arcade game was probably Space Invaders, but out of the more modern games, I really enjoy the house of the dead series.

  7. pacman is just a classic I never knew until I met my husband you could buy it as a board game….its not as good!

  8. I was obsessed with those ‘Tipping Point’ push coins games when I was a nipper – luckily I only played on the 2p ones when we were down at the seaside πŸ˜‰

  9. My favourite arcade game is the 2p slot machines, I love waiting to see if this time it will drop.

  10. I love the 2p pusher machines in the arcades now …. although years ago I loved Frogger x

  11. I like the tuppenny pusher, as my gran always called, a pound of two pence bits played carefully can provide loads of fun.

  12. We always loved playing the 2p machines as children and now I do the same with my children.

  13. My favourite arcade game is the one with the 2pence pieces stacked up and you put your 2p in and watch it tumble down then hope it knocks some off the edge. The suspense to see if you had won any 2p’s was immense πŸ™‚

  14. I love the game where you put coins in and try and push them over the edge great fun not sure what it’s called though

  15. Me and my boy love the grabbing machines where you try win teddys i have won a few in past but not for a while my boy keeps trying gets close but not won yet x

  16. I love the 2p machines in the arcades, and it has certainly rubbed off on my 3 year old son, he loves winning the prizes!!

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