ChillFactor Frozen Milkshake Maker

ChillFactor Frozen Milkshake Maker

Milkshakes have always been a big hit in our house. Whether it be chocolate, vanilla or strawberry, the boys always enjoy a milkshake. I even give it to them as an alternative to an after dinner dessert. The ChillFactor Forzen Milkshake Maker ‘pimps up’ your milkshake. It transforms your ordinary milkshake into a frozen milkshake  which will always be a sure hit with my boys and ChillFactor products are a definite crowd-pleaser in our house.

How to use the ChillFactor Milkshake Maker

The Frozen Milkshake Maker jazzes up your ordinary milkshake by turning into a delicious frothy, thick milk shake (like the ones you get from those specialist shops!). All it takes is to pour your milk into the frozen holder, put the lid on and spin the handle. Shake it and then spin the handle again.

Milkshake maker

When we received the ChillFactor’s Frozen Milkshake Maker, it was very simple to use. We have already used their other products, such as the Slushy Maker, which have a very similar process to them. You need to freeze the main unit for around 4-6 hours.

The boys decided to choose their favourite milkshake flavour, strawberry.milkshake maker

This was poured into the Milkshake Maker (do not overfill, as the lid and ‘arm’ need to go in too). I filled it until the mixture was underneath the rim. Then screw the lid on, tight.

Attached to the lid is the ‘churning’ paddle. This mixes the milkshake mixture up and makes it frothy and smooth.

Once you have put the lid on tightly. You hold onto the unit and spin the handle (we did it about 20 seconds), then shake it a little (for a few seconds), then spin the handle again (we did it for another 10-15 seconds). As the unit is quite cold, little hands might need some help to hold onto it tightly.

Our mmilkshake makerilkshakes came out really thick and very smooth. There were no icicles in the milkshake at all. It was very smooth.

The Milkshake Maker comes with a spoon/straw “spraw”. Put this into the mixture and there is a little sealed hole on the lid which the straw can go through. Put the straw through the hole and then attach the lid.

Then all that is needed is to enjoy the drink!

We also, tried making the milkshake with fresh strawberries. I crushed and blitzed some strawberries, so it was just puree. Then added it to some fresh milk. Mixed it together and poured it into the ChillFactor Milkshake Maker. It was delicious. I wasn’t quick enough to take a picture of it before the kids (and hubby) finished it. But, try it out for yours

milkshake maker   milkshake maker

The Milkshake Maker is available from most national toy retailers as well as online and it’s RRP is £9.99.  This would be a perfect gift for a birthday or Christmas. All children (big and small!) love milkshake.  The only problem now is that I need to get more!

Disclosure: We were sent this product to provide an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.




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