Labyrinth – an ‘amazing’ game for the whole family


Mazes are amazing. They can confuse you very easily, but, if you stop and think for just a second, the path will become clear. We have played many maze type games and have also visited  many real-life mazes. We love the logical and strategy based games and were quite surprised when we discovered that we had never heard or played a popular game by Ravensburger called Labyrinth before.


Labyrinth is a maze based board game, but with a slight twist, so we were very excited when we were asked if we wanted to review it. My initial thought was that this must be an omen. We had just watched Labyrinth, the movie with David Bowie, just to let the children see his acting skills, and the correlation was too great to pass by!

The purpose of the game is to reach all of your picture card tokens on the maze, but you have to think logically and laterally as each player can make the individual tiles move by pushing the spare tile onto the board. By pushing the tile onto the board it means you could potentially block or open different routes through the rest of the maze, so you have to think carefully. How will it effect your route or, does it block your opponents?!


The first person to reach all their picture card tokens has won the game and is champion of the Labyrinth.

The game is aimed at 8+ years, but my 5 years old plays it very well. It can be a little tricky to figure routes out and if you think it’s hard, after a couple of goes it feels like you have actually reprogrammed your brain and next thing you know you are doing it without any problems!  (Well kind of, I’m left scratching my head on numerous occasions!).

The game itself is well made and constructed. The pieces aren’t flimsy and will last a while and I can see how this game has been a favourite for so long!  Labyrinth is available at all good toy retailers and it’s RRP is £19.99. We really enjoy this game as it gets you thinking and doesn’t take too long (around 20-30 mins) for each game.


Disclosure: I was sent this product to provide an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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