My running champ

My little ones are not so little anymore. They are growing up fast. But, from time to time they make me the proudest mama in the world! They try their hardest at certain things and I praise them, but when they run and keep on running, I am one of the proudest mothers!

Not only did we get glowing reports from both their teachers at parent’s evening, but, my eldest has run 40 minutes on the treadmill and my youngest did 60 minutes, non-stop! How amazing is that!


Education and exercise goes hand in hand. There is no denying this. The boys’ school isn’t the best at Sports, so I try and encourage them to do any kind of sports outside of school and running is one which is extremely flexible.

A fit mind and fit body is important for their education. So, I’m proud of their efforts in both ‘subjects’.

I’m going to encourage the boys to run. I can see they do have a special talent for it. I’m not sure whether they love it though, but maybe they will, as it’s still just a bit of fun at the moment.  I’m more interested in them keeping fit for the time being.

Healthy body, strong mind.


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