Stretch Scooby review

Stretch Scooby


You know when your children argue over toys. One child is pulling at one end and the other is pulling the other end, both hanging on for dear life. You worry for the safety of that toy (I mean) child! Well, with the new Stretch Scooby by Character Toys you can stretch him up to 3 times his normal size!

Stretch Scooby is a bigger fully stretchable figure and you can stretch his arms and legs individually or together. A little, gentle tug-of-war with Stretch Scooby will not harm him at all.

Stretch Scooby

Scooby has an adorable and cheeky face and also has his trademark collar. His face and shoulders are hard, so they don’t stretch. It’s just his arms and legs which stretch and his torso is squashes (and feels like plasticine).

When Scooby is taken out of the box, it’s surprising how heavy he is. So you know he can take a few knocks without it causing any damage. His arms and legs can be stretched and when you let go the arms and legs slowly go back to their original shape, so you aren’t left with a misshapen Scooby.

Stretch Scooby

Scooby was loved as soon as he was taken out of the box. The boys couldn’t stop laughing whilst they were stretching him. Even now, a few weeks later, they are playing with him and stretching him and twisting him to sit in various positions. They want Scooby to sit and watch them eat, watch television with them, watch them go on the trampoline, put him on the tramopline etc etc.

This is a fun, robust toy, which is a little heavy, so younger/slender children may find it a bit harder to carry. But, that won’t stop them! Boys and girls got involved with Scooby and the children loved to bend him in all directions and then watch him go back to his original shape, to then bend him again!

Scooby is available from most good toy stockists and also from Character Options online He retails for £19.99 and is well worth it as the children are still playing with him now (even as I type this!).

This would be great gift for any child. Perfect for Christmas as well as a spooky Halloween gift too!

Disclosure: I was sent this product to provide an honest review. All views and opinions expressed are all my own.

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