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Britain’s Most Fruit Family – Nature’s Finest

As you may know, I have two boys, who take up a lot of my time. I also work and I do my blog and a host of other chores, which if I start to write out may take me all day to just finish typing!

To cope with everyday stresses, like the “simple task of getting them ready to go to school” (I know many of you may empathise when I have to roll my eyes when I hear that!) I have come up with little hacks to make my life just that little bit easier (or where I haven’t lost the will to live before 9am each weekday morning!).

When the boys are getting ready in the morning I try and get them to race each other to get their clothes on. Otherwise once they are out of my care in the bathroom, they will probably just run around in their room naked for best part of an hour! Don’t they realise I have to get to work straight from school! So, what I tell them is:

  • Whoever gets ready the fastest and neatest is the winner and gets to choose breakfast (cereal) for everyone!

This, at least, gets them downstairs, fast, and eating, whilst I finish getting ready.

Now, to get them to school in the quickest time, I have come up with a few challenges or games to get us there on time, or, to keep us entertained on our 20 minute walk to school. So:

  • along the school route there are various landmarks or lamp posts. I get the boys to race to each landmark and award a point to the winner. I let them know who ever gets the most points by the time we get to school gets a prize at the school gates. The first time we played this, they were very excited, until they realised the only prize they would get is a bigger hug and a kiss at their school door! But, it doesn’t stop them from playing the game. Workd a treat whenever we are super late!
  • on the days we aren’t rushed we play I-Spy. My youngest has just turned 5, so last year his vocabulary was quite limited. Over the last 6 months I have seen how much his vocabulary and imagination has developed and he is coming up with I-Spy clues which even I am a little stumped at sometimes. We love playing this game as it makes the journey a little more enjoyable.
  • our last game we play involves colours and cars. I ask the boys to say a colour. Then I ask them to count all the cars of that colour all the way to school. The one who spots the most wins. I also mix the game up by asking them to say two colours. Whatever one I think would be harder is the colour they have to choose! (just to keep them on their toes!) Mwahahaha!

I would like to mention that we have all of our clocks about 5 mins fast in our house. But, it doesn’t really make much difference as I know they are 5 minutes fast so I will factor that in! #cantalwaysblamethekids

These are my “getting to school” hacks. But, what about the other days I hear you shout! We mostly do all of our shopping online, so when the boys do go to the shops, they are a little excited to say the least!. So, I give them little rules:

  • If they see anything they really, really like, then they can put that on their birthday list. Even if they have just had their birthday, they can start writing their ‘list’ months and months in advance. Or, it could be for their Christmas list. I also make sure that they can only put one thing down on their list on that particular shopping day. So, if they have seen two or more products they like, they have to make the decision on which one they are actually going to put on their list. This really encourages their problem solving skills and gets them to make sound, reasoned arguments on what they want.

All of these hacks make my life a little better and easier when dealing with a busy day and energetic children! Nature’s Finest, the snack pot fruit in fruit juice, want to find families who use simple solutions or life hacks to ensure as much time as possible is spent together, through the campaign ‘Britain’s Most Fruitful Family’.

Their campaign will run from 24th October through to 28th November and the winning family with the best life hack will receive £1,000 worth of Sainsbury’s vouchers – perfect timing with Christmas around the corner!

What are your fruit-ful lifestyle hacks? Enter Nature’s Finest competition on their facebook page to be in with a chance of winning £1,000 worth of Sainsbury’s vouchers.





Disclosure: this post was written in as an entry into Nature’s Finest “Britain’s Most Fruitful Family” competition.



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