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Dig In

I’m sure you all know how we enjoy family games. The simpler ones are always the best, as we are so eager to start that, sometimes, over complicated rules are just a hindrance! Dig In, by Drumond Park, is exactly one of those simple but extremely fun and frantic games.

Dig In is a fast and, sometimes, furious game of find. Sounds easy doesn’t it. Well that’s what I, initially, thought when I was watching the family playing it.

Dig In

The rules of the game are simple – find your coloured tokens, on your own, within a set time limit. Once the buzzer goes off, the whole group “Digs In” to find their remaining tokens. Simple right!

Dig In Each person has 6 tokens to collect on their card. Each player gets 15 seconds on their own to search out their tokens. Then, everyone dives in to get all their remaining tokens and the first to find them all is the winner.

Now, this may sound really easy. This is what I had thought when I was watching everyone for the first few rounds. Then I had a go! What I didn’t realise was there were the same tokens but in different colours, so you think you have won but you have picked up the wrong colour. Dig In

To win this game you need a combination of concentration, quick fingers and sometimes a little ruthlessness!

The children love this game. The game recommends it is for 8+ years and for 2-4 players. My youngest is 5 and he adores this game. We, as a family, can get a little loud when we are excited. It’s quite amazing when we are playing this game. We switch from quiet concentration (when we are playing individually for those 15 seconds) to utter mayhem when we are trying to scramble to get the last few tokens.  It is a real hoot! Dig In

When the adults were playing it can get quite competitive. To distract fellow players, whilst they are on their 15 seconds of concentration, I’ve seen tactics of asking the player specific questions, making them laugh or trying to tickle them. Does this count as cheating or just tactical game play?

We all think that this game is ridiculously simple, but also very addictive. This is a game we will definitely be getting out over Christmas (and before that too!). The RRP is £19.99 and is available from all good toy stockists and online retailers.

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63 thoughts on “Dig In with Drumond Park

  1. Jenga it’s always hands on head time and who wins, who knocked the table so they lost etc

  2. I love Monopoly – the family like to auction off all the properties – can get pretty heated!!

  3. Monopoly, we all love it, although it does get frantic at times, when the hotels and houses go on

  4. Hungry hippos – especially if there are only two players and you are operating two hippos each!!!

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