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Nim's crisps

I am a big advocate of healthy snacking.  I may not practice it myself all the time, but for my children I am aware of all the mistakes I’ve made growing up and I don’t want them to suffer. Also, nowadays, there are healthy snacks available which are fun, healthy and free from any nasties, just like Nim’s Fruit crisps.

I’ve always been concerned about what my children eat. During weaning, I would make everything from scratch, our dinners were always home cooked and I didn’t give my boys any meat until they were well over their 1st birthday, fish is my preferred option now to any meat. Now that they are both at school, they need healthy food to keep their brains and bodies active.

Don’t get me wrong, I let them have their little treats every now and again and at parties I let the reigns go loose a little! But, ultimately, my responsibility is to make them healthy and happy and for the majority of the time I want to make choices which would benefit them and not give them a unhealthy start.

When my eldest son was going back to packed lunches at school (I am not a fan of school dinners and it was compulsory from Reception – year 2) I was relieved. My son loves his packed lunches, but one thing he said was, he wanted some kind of ‘treat’ in his lunch bag.  This was going to be a bit of a tall order. Just walking through the supermarkets and seeing the amount of junk food available is clue to what I know he wanted me to put in his bag. I needed to find alternatives.

20161109_161250.jpg I have given him bran muffins, homemade flapjacks, crackers etc. I’m always on the look out for new, healthy options which I know he will relish eating, give him the energy he needs and satisfy my suspicious mind too! When I was asked whether I would like to try out the range of 100% natural fruit crisps by Nim’s, I star-jumped at the chance! If it’s 100% natural, then I’m all in!

Nim’s Fruit Crisps

Nim’s Fruit Crisps are a delicious range of healthy snacks which are all 100% natural aimed at adults and children.  Now, the title does say fruit crisps, but they also have an excelleent range of vegetable crisps, which I love.

If your children (or adults!) are a bit averse to eating vegetables or fruit this is the perfect balance to giving thNim's Fruit crispsem part of their 5-a-day in a fun and convenient way. No nasties, no hassle!

Nim's Fruit crisps

My children love the fruit crisps. Their favourites are the pineapple crisps and the pear crisps. My son, who loves pineapple thought these were quite tangy and my other son (who is a little bit indifferent to fresh pineapple), said the pineapple fruit crisps were “delicious and I think I like pineapple more no mummy” The boys love the tangy pineapple crisps and the pear crisps also went down a treat.

The texture of the crisps resemble the actual fruit but a dry versions. The crisps are air dried, not fried. So there is no greasy residue on your fingers or your tongue. The air drying also means you get the maximum flavour burst, a real taste sensation!

As I’ve mentioned the crisps (both fruit and veg) are 100% natural. There are absolutely no nasties. Which means you can have them as part of a healthy diet or for the children as a treat or part of their after lunch snack or even as an evening snack / midnight snack for adults!

The current range is suitable for both adults and children. But, Nim’s are actually in the process of launching their Nim’s Kids range. Nim’s are a small company who have created, designed and packaged all of their current ranges themselves. In order to fully realise their potential and expand their ranges to the Nim’s Kids’ range, they would love the public to help with their crowdfunding page.

Crowdfunding for Nim’s Kids range

Nim’s Fruit and Veg crisps are asking the general public to back their idea of combating children’s poor snacking patterns by launching the UK’s first range of 100% natural air dried (not fried) fruit and veg crisps – Nim’s Kids.

Nim’s Kids range needs your help. By  supporting their  Tesco BackIt crowdfunding page you are helping them develop and market their range. They need as much backing as possible before Tuesday 13th December 2016.

Nim’s crisps is the brain child of a health conscious mum who created the range of multi-awarding winning, 100% natural air dried snack whic have ‘no nasties’ and which are not only free from additives & preservatives but retain much of the nutritional goodness and great natural taste.

Help them help our children to become healthier and happier!



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