Tyrrells new Christmas flavours

Tyrrells Three Bird Roast

“IT’S CHRISTMAS” Free stock photo of gift, present, bokeh, christmasWell, nearly! I’m really looking forward to Christmas.  I love a good planning session and this Christmas, for me, it’s going to be an epic one. So Christmas has got to start early!

This year my mum, dad, brothers and their families are coming along with all my in-laws too! This is going to be a Christmas of epic proportions.

OMG. That’s nearly 30 people and kids……what  HAVE I agreed to?!

I’m doing all the cooking and preparing. It will be a mammoth event but I’m still excited. We are having pork, lamb, a little turkey, salmon, veg pie and then all the trimmings.

For nibbles, before and after, I always have a stack of trusted Tyrrells. They always disappear pretty quickly and are a firm favourite in our house, not just for Christmas. They are award winning crisps, so they are always a winner in my house! My favourite Tyrrells are the veg crisps….yum yum yum.

When we were asked whether we wanted to try Tyrrells new Christmas flavours, I couldn’t say “yes” quick enough! Tyrrells have brought out two new flavours , one for their popcorn range and one for their crisps range:

Three Bird Roast – The traditional three-bird roast gets a Tyrrells twist! Roast chicken, duck and turkey all combined in the perfect crisp. RRP of £2.19



Bellini Poshcorn – Party time with these jazzed up popcorn. Tyrrells Poshcorn kicks off the festive season with these Bellini Cocktail Poshcorn. It has light peachy taste and gets you in the festive spirit! RRP of £1.59

The Taste

TyrrellTyrrells Three Bird Roasts Three Bird Roast crisps have the usual great crunch which we have all become aTyrrells Three Bird Roastccustomed too. Tyrrells are known for their good quality, thick, tasty crisps and this flavour is no exception. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of heavy meaty flavours. I used to be a veggie for nearly 20 years so I do get a bit scared about a lot of meaty crisps. I tried these and I was really pleasantly surprised. The flavour wasn’t heavy and over-powering, like some other meaty crisp brands. I love the thick crisps as Tyrrells always use hand-cooked locally-grown Herefordshire potatoes and cook them in small batches. The Three Bird Roast is available from Waitrose, Ocado and quality independents nationwide.

Tyrrells PoTyrrells Poshcornshcorn is a light and peachy taste.  Normal flavour popcorn can leave a film on your tongue (salty and butter Tyrrells Poshcornflavours especially), but this one is so light. The flavour is very festive but can be used for any special occasion or even family treat days. Bellini Poshcorn is carefully popped in small batches at Tyrrells Court Farm using gold standard kernels and they are available in sharing bags and at  COOP, Ocado and Independents nationwide.

The popcorn has a very pale peach/orange tone to it and is popped to perfection! Giving each kernel a great crunch and also means the flavour goes the whole way through. The Bellini Poshcorn is actually flavoured with Chardonnay white wine, to give it that authentic Bellini flavour and is suitable for Vegans.

As with all Tyrrells products, there are no artificial ingredients and are Gluten free.  No nasties means we can eat more, right?!

My personal Christmas wish is to have a room full of Tyrrells crisps and I dive in and have to eat my way out! I think I’d be able to do it before Boxing Day hits!

I have to say…..this is one review which I really got to enjoy, without the input of my kids (well they did help a little!).


Disclosure: I was sent the above products to provide an honest review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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