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Bubba Gump

Hands up who’s watched Forrest Gump?  It’s such an iconic film, full of laughs and classic moments. It is a little tear-jerker at times, but it is still an amazing rollercoaster film, which is why it is so popular and which is why I was really excited when we were invited to the new Bubba Gump resturant in London.

Bubba Gump UK

Bubba Gump has opened in the UK, in Piccadilly, London and the restaurant is a tribute to the fab Forrest Gump film as it features all the comfort food from the American South, which is where the film is set. The deep south is famous for their shrimp and Bubba Gump UK delivers so many mouth watering shrimp dishes, it would make you run like Forrest to be the first in line!

Bubba Gump UK restaurant

Bubba Gump When entering the premises, you are greeted downstairs by friendly staff members (this is actually the shop part which sells all the memorabilia for people who aren’t actually going to eat). You are then guided upstairs, where you are greeted by a massive Forrest Gump poster! There is also another friendly restaurant staff member who guides you to your table. Bubba Gump

The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. The decor is like a wooden cabin, lots of wooden walls  – giving it a really warm feeling.



There’s a selection of booths and tables throughout the restaurant. We were guided to a booth (and I was really pleased to get one!) There’s something about sitting at a booth which adds an extra sense of excitement to your eating experience.

Bubba GumpOur waiter came and introduced himself and welcomed the children too. He gave the boys activities for the children to do whilst they waited for their food. To order food, you flip the table sign and the staff come over and take your order (kids loved this!)

The Menu

There is so much to choose from at Bubba Gumps. They are obviously known for their shrimp, but they do have other items which might tempt you too (burgers, sandwiches, grills etc).

We had done our research before we had arrived at the restaurant and already knew what we wanted! I had also looked at the children’s menu to make sure they would be happy and they do a children’s meal, which includes a main meal, french fries, fruit and a special treat for a great price of £5.50. You can get special kids delicious frozen yoghurt drinks and desserts too.

Even after decided on what I wanted at home, I got flustered and changed my mind when I spoke to my waiter, who recommended something else for me. He said I was playing it too safe with my veggie burger choice!

Here are our meals:

Kids PeppBubba Gumperoni Pizza.  This came with a boat shaped container which held the fries, the fruit and the special surprise (which turned out to be jelly on this particular day).

I’m always a little apprehensive when ordering children’s food, as some places serve the food piping hot. Which is great for adults and shows it’s just been made, but for children, it’s really not appropriate and not fun for them when they burn their mouths!

Bubba Gump served the children’s food at the correct temperature. Not too hot and not too cold. Even the pizza was the perfect temperature (the warm cheese didn’t scold their little mouths!).

The food was displayed in a fun and imaginative way for the children. So they were excited to eat everything. Even the fruit, which is always the last thing to get looked at when there are other delicious things to try.

Bubba Gump The main meals for the adults didn’t disappoint. I am glad I didn’t go for the veggie burger and I opted for the Shrimp New Orleans. This was cooked in a special spicy sauce withe chargrilled shrimps around a bed of rice, served with garlic bread.

I had never tried anything like this before. The prawns was succulent and you could tell they were fresh and had just been cooked. They were nice and firm and full of flavour.

The sauce in this dish was amazing. The first taste, left me intrigued as I was trying to figure out the flavours. I was wondering why there was garlic bread with the meal but I soon discovered, after eating the rice and prawns that I used the rest of the garlic bread to mop up the sauce, I couldn’t let that go to waste! It was a warming sauce, with just the right amount of spice.

Bubba GumpMy hubby had the Lt. Dan’s Surf & Turf. He thoroughly enjoyed it and although, hubby was a bit delayed arriving at the restaurant the staff were really helpful with keeping his meal warm and making sure it came back to him as it should have been served.

The portion was quite substantial and hubby said the prawns were spectacular and could notice how fresh they were too.


The chilBubba Gumpdren opted for the Build Your Own Sundae desserts. Their faces were amazing when they saw what was presented to them. They let their creative minds go crazy on their desserts, there were sprinkles and cookies flying all over the place – mainly in their mouths!

There was a big scoop of vanilla ice cream served on their iconic red holders, which then had sprinkles and cookie crumbs on either side. There is always a serving of cream on top of the ice cream. Pure indulgence!

One son had delicated placed the sprinkles and cookie crumbs over his dessert, the other son had poured the contents of both containers on his ice cream. Both ways were winners for both boys!


Bubba GumpHubby decided to choose a dessert too (I was way too full for a dessert, us women can always ‘nibble’ on the kids dessert or ‘share’ the husbands!). Husband had opted for the Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae.

Be careful with this one, it is very addictive!

The Drinks

20161127_124037.jpg I also need to tell you about the drinks we had there. As we were with the children and driving, we opted to go for soft drinks. We had the frozen drinks. I had the Frozen Lemon Ups, strawberry flavour. The drink comes in a light up glass, which you get to take home afterwards!  Hubby had the Scret Mango Sparkler – which was nearly as delicious as mine!  🙂

This picture also has the children’s oreo milkshakes they had ordered.

The portions aren’t American sizes, but they are still quite substantial, so wear loose fitting clothing! The flavours are great, the decor is fun. The Forrest Gump movie is continuously played on one of the television screens, and, although I have seen it many times, we wanted to go home and watch it again (be warned though, certain parts of the movie aren’t that appropriate for younger children!).

As a family, we really enjoyed the food and atmosphere here. The children felt relaxed enough like it was their own home (even though we haven’t got a Forrest Gump sign anywhere in our home!). The food was filling and the staff were really attentive.

Being in central London, this is a real treat place for the family and a great place for dinner before heading out for a party. We will definitely be heading back (and not just because of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae!).


Disclosure: we were offered a family meal to write this review. All opinions expressed are my own and have not be influenced.

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