Crazy fun with Crayola Scribble Scramble review

Scribble Scramble

We all know Crayola for their wonderful products which allow children to pick up a crayon or colouring pencil and just be creative. I know my children have, on a number of occassions, picked up one of their Crayola colouring sets and sat in front of a blank piece of paper and have then created masterpieces which even Picasso would have been envious of! Did you know Crayola are also the brains behind family games like Crayola Scribble Scramble?Scribble Scramble

Crayola have created a group of games which don’t just call your on your drawing and creative skills but also calls on your competitive skills too! We were lucky enough to try one of these games at home, Scribble Scramble.  Now, I know our creative skills aren’t the best, but our competitiveness definitely makes up for it!

Crayola Scribble Scramble

Scribble Scramble is an action packed game for 4-8 players. It does recommend players to be 6+, but my just turned 5 year old was amazing at this game!

The aim of this game is to race against the moving platform to draw the ‘item’ and let your team mates or opponents guess it before it disappears.  You have to think quick, draw quick and redraw quick.

The platform which you have to draw on has been sectioned / numbered (1,2,3). Whichever part you draw your ‘item’ and it is guscribble scrambleessed in are how many points are gained. The first team to 20 points is the winner.

It is a frantic game and depending on how easy / hard the word is or how good / bad your drawing skills are it can cause quite a stir!

The game is self contained, as the Crayola Dry Erase Pens and the 80 game cards can all be stored within the unit. You mark your points on the game, as it can be wiped off after each game.

You will need to get batteries for this game, as they don’t come already supplied.

This is a great family game. We all really got into it. I have to say some people’s (the adults!) drawings were absolutely shocking so sometimes it was pretty impossible to guess it. But, the children were amazing, there drawings were clear. Obviously, our brains aren’t wired like children, I was taking a leaf out of their book when it was my turn!

There are a number of game plays available. You can either play team vs. team, or head-on (person vs. person). This mix keeps the game exciting and if you play this strategically you can get some good points (little tip there for, if you are really sore losers!).

Crayola Scribble Scramble and Crayola’s other family games are available online and at all good toy retailers. The RRP’s for all of their games range from £9.99 to £24.99. Try their other games too!


Disclosure: I was sent this product to provide an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own

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