Monster Trucks movie preview

Monster Trucks

Last weekend we were invited to watch Paramount Pictures Monster Trucks movie preview. This is a movie which had missed my attention, but the boys were thoroughly excited to go and had googled the trailer in preparation for seeing the movie. They were literally running to the cinema on Sunday morning as they were so excited!

Monster Trucks preview

We were the first people in the cinema and not only was I surprised to enter an empty cinema (because we were so excited and got their so early!) I was also quite surprised to see a few famous faces in the first couple of minutes of the show (Rob Lowe and Danny Glover) mixed with a lot of younger actors.

Monster Truck – The story

The main character, Tripp, who is high school senior, looking to better his life and get away from the town he was born and grown up in to do something more exciting. The town relies on an influential company which provides jobs and supports the economy, but it doesn’t necessarily act in a ethical manner.

The company is oil drilling in a particular area of the town which digs too far down into the earths core and displaces a strange and subterranean creature (which Tripp names as Creech) with a taste and a talent for speed. 

The movie then moves around the fun and humourous adventures and friendships formed between this ‘monster’ and Tripp and his other sidekick friends. To conceal his presence Tripp invent a ‘Monster Trucks’ for Creech to move around in.

We thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It was warming, funny and had lots of great lines for kids and adults. The ‘monster’ was intially thought to be quite scary, but he quickly develops into a cheeky little monster who learns and develops fast from humans and is extremely intelligent. The kids were in awe of the Monster Trucks, when it first came on screen.

Monster Trucks is released UK wide on Boxing Day and is a thrilling new family action film from the director of Ice Age and the writer of Jurassic World and is PG rated. Monster Trucks runs for 104mins and has some exciting and thrilling bits, but there are one or two ‘jumpy’ bits.  But, if you are going to see a film called Monster Trucks, then you should be expecting to see some monsters, right!

It is a great film loved by all of us (the age range of our group was 5 years to 81 years – my dad came with us!) We all really enjoyed it and it’s a great family film.  Perfect for these colder days and a great little treat after the Christmas festivities!



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