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With the winter months rearing up again, and the nights getting colder and the days not that much warmer, I always like to end the day with a nice peppermint tea. I’m not a tea drinker, so this is the only tea I drink. Warming, satisfying and comforting. That’t what I like in my tea. The rest of my family are HUGE tea drinkers – all wanting their teas brewed in a certain way, with the ‘right’ amount of milk in it. It’s such a science!

So, when I was contacted to try out Ahmad’s Dessert Tea, I was a bit apprehensive as to how they would go down in this house! Could Ahmad Dessert Tea win any of us over? Would it be the perfect winter warming tea for me? Would it be a win for Ahmad Tea and a change of years of habitual tea drinking?

Read on and you’ll find out how we got on and you can enter our competition to win the complete Ahmad Dessert Tea.

Ahmad Tea – Who are they?

“Ahmad Tea, a leading British and internationally-recognised tea company. They have just launched the new collection of Dessert Teas, inspired by sorbets, cakes and soufflés. These are perfect for the social butterfly or afternoon tea enthusiast – these teas will be sure to make the ideal addition to any tea occasion.

The teas are available in six different dessert inspired flavours, with three black tea varieties: Strawberry Velvet Cake, Pear & Cinnamon Strudel, Moroccan Orange Slice and three green tea varieties: Citrus & Mint Sorbet, Strawberry Basil Coulis and Mango & Lychee Soufflé. Each sophisticated recipe has an exquisite taste and stirring aroma.”

Ahmad Tea are part of the United Kingdom Tea Council and also part of the Ethical Tea Partnership. They also give back by leading major charitable projects, focussing on schools, hospitals, clean water and around 200 orphanages.

The taste test – Strawberry Velvet Cake

Ahmad Tea When I opened the packet of Strawberry Velvet Cake, I was hit by the delicious aroma. It was mouth-watering, sweet, aromatic and enticing.

The tea bag was pretty impressive too! (such a weird thing to say!) The bad is a lovely, elegent material, so perfect for impressing friends and a touch of indulgence.  This particular flavour had the ‘typical’ looking loose dried tea leaves, but it also had some loose rose petals.

As I said I only drink peppermint tea, I made the tea as I would a normal peppermint tea (boil the water, leave it for a few minutes and then drink!).

I had boiled the water already and placed the tea bag in my cup. I watched whilst the hot water, swirled around the tea bag and changed the water colour to a lovely rosey pink colour. The smell just intensified by adding the water.

They do say your eating/drinking doesn’t just use your palate, but it uses all of your senses. Sight and smell are huge factors. So far, so good. Ahmad Tea was onto a winner!Ahmad Tea

The next step was tasting – what would I think?
Would I spit it out, like I had done with other teas?
I find it had a bitter after taste, like other teas?
Would I just revert back to my peppermint tea?

I took the first sip.  The smell, whilst taking the sip, was gorgeous. It made my neverousness dissolve a little. If something smelt nice, then it’s bound to taste nice!

I had only filled my cup half way, as I thought I wouldn’t like the taste. I was so wrong and when I finished the tea, I was a little disappointed in myself for being so negative. I wish I had filled the cup up to the top.  I certainly won’t be making that mistake again!

We were sent the Citrus Mint Sorbet and  the Strawberry & Basil Coulis.  Both these flavours, were just as enthralling, but I have to say, my favourite is the Strawberry Velvet Tea. The rest of my family, who are avid tea drinkers, preferred the Strawberry & Basil Coulis to the Strawberry Velvet Tea.  So, it personal choice on which flavour you’ll like.

Ahmad Tea – range

The range has been divided into a few collections:

  • Black Dessert Tea (3 flavours)
  • Green Dessert Tea (3 flavours)
  • Green Tea (Mango & Lycee Souffle)

Overall, we have been surprised by these teas. They have tickled our senses and tastebuds and have been a real indulgence. These would be great for when the girlfriends come over or after a dinner party.  I am will be getting these out on Christmas Day – what a perfect treat for a perfect family occassion.

If you want a little pick me up at the end of the day, these teas would fit the bill. Ahmad Tea’s are available from Ocado and their website, and the RRP is £4.00

Here’s your chance to win the range of Ahmad Dessert Tea (that’s six packets in total) to enjoy yourself.  Just enter the Giveaway below:

Ahmad Dessert Tea



36 thoughts on “Winter warming tea with Ahmad Tea – giveaway

  1. 5 cups each day is my total! I love a cup of tea first thing in the morning to help me to wake up.

  2. Depends on stress levels but about three on average. The greater the stress the more tea I will drink 🙂

  3. Normally it’s 6 cups a day for me, but depends on many things such as whether I’m at work or not.

  4. Probably about 6 and my partner and I love different teas, we have a whole cupboard dedicated to teas!:) This would be an amazing prize for us.

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