A cover up story – the naked truth 

Beyonce pregnancy naked pictures

It’s probably safe to say that most of you would have seen the pictures, or at least, heard about the wonderful news that Beyoncé (one of the World’s most captivating and talented musicians of the 21st Century) is expecting twins. Some would say the picture releasing her news “broke the internet”.

She decided on making her special news public, by posing, nearly nude to celebrate her beautiful babies bump. This may have looked tasteful to some, but to me, I’m just not sure it was really necessary.

I understand the music industry is heavily driven on the physical appearance of it’s artists combined with their muscial talents (some are more heavily weighted on one side rather than the other – you can choose which artists fit into which side!).

Cover up story?

Is there a need for artists to pose semi-naked or perform with hardly any clothes on? What kind of example are they setting for their young fans?

I understand that times have changed and women’s empowment, but does that mean we need to get naked to prove it?

When it comes to stars who are as big and influential as Beyonce, they need to consider their younger, impressionable fans. They are the people these fans look up to, they have a social responsibility to them. If it wasn’t for their fans, where would that artist be?

I know I’m sounding really old. I don’t have any girls, but when I see women on tv half naked, I immediately think of parents who have girls. What do you say? How do you justify that? I myself, don’t put MTV on anymore.

I know some men also like to wear next to nothing on tv, but the mainstream channels focus on girls.

I’m not saying that women should not dress in a certain way. I all for a bodycon dress , but I’m saying that there are some articles of clothing which pop stars should not put out there for younger girls to see.

I’m a mother. I have two wonderful boys. But, I, along with countless other women would not contemplate posing semi-naked to announce any future pregnancy. Would you even consider it?

And before you ask, yes, I do think the same about men. They shouldn’t have to strip off to get exposure (pardon the pun!). Talent has more longevity than a six-pack!

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