Hard day? Relax with a room diffuser


aEven though the Christmas season is well and truly over, it doesn’t mean that I can take my foot off the pedal and relax. I have just as much work, activities and projects on board to see me well into 2018! I long for those relaxing times in the bath tub, I long for those quiet moments watching television, I long for some peace and quiet. How much ‘me’ time does anyone really get? So, when I was asked to try out the Aukey light changing room diffuser, I couldn’t say yes quick enough!

Aukey Aroma7 colour changing Diffuser

The room diffuser combines the benefits of aroma-therapy, aqua-therapy and light-therapy. The diffuser has seven colour changing LED lights, which is mesmorising.  I stare at the colours changing for ages and this is so relaxing.


If you have a favourite scent  you can use the diffuser as an aroma-therapy unit and let your room smell so inviting. If you have restless nights, just put some lavender in to sooth you to sleep ( I’m, generally, so tired before I even get to my bed, that as soon as I get under the duvet I’m out like a light!)  This could really help someone who is having difficulty falling asleep easily.  If you combine the aroma-therapy aspect with the light-therapy this could be a game changer for many unsettled people out there.

The actual unit is plastic and very light but still robust. The top part of the cone comes off to reveal the section which is used for the aromatherapy element and which can be filled with 500ml of water to produce the mist. There are two mist settings:

  • High mist mode: a fast ejection mist which can make the air quickly become wet;
  • Low mist mode: the mist ejects slowly, to maintain a uniform air humidity (the default setting is low mist)

The unit measures 17cm (wide) by 21.5cm high. So it’s not so big that it would take up lots of space. Perfect for a bedside table or even in the living room, as it is stylish enough to leave out.


The Aukey colour changing diffuser is available from Amazon, currently priced at £25.99 and also has free delivery. There is also a handy two year warranty on the Aukey colour changing Aroma Diffuser, which is great for peace of mind.

I really enjoyed using the colour changing diffuser and it is a product we will continue to use, especially as it comes with the guarantee! It was really relaxing. I tried out the diffuser part, but it’s not something I would use everyday, no fault of the product, it’s just not me. I think the light changing is just perfect. It’s stylish enough to leave out.

We’ve also moved this into the children’s bedroom a couple of times to give them a change from their usual night light. The soothing light changing helps them get to sleep easily.


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