I’m forever blowing bubbles with Giant Gazillion

Giant Gazillion bubbles

Children go crazy over bubbles now the weather is getting warmer. They love making them, running after them and popping them. The small, hand held bubble bottles always mean I have to supervisor the boys and it feels like I’m forever blowing bubbles for them.

Giant Gazillion Bubble Mill

We were lucky enough to receive the Funrise Giant Gazillion Bubble Mill, which not only produces amazing bubbles but means I don’t need to huff and puff blowing bubbles for ages! The mill automatically rotates and creates enormous bubbles, some as big as footballs! It also comes with its own 8oz of bubble solution.

Giant Gazillion bubble mill

The bubble solution is much better quality than other store bought ranges. The solution perfectly creates the biggest and best bubbles, which hold their shape for longer, before gently popping.

Giant Gazillion bubble millThe Giant Gazillion Bubble Mill needs 3x AA batteries, which need to be fitted in the base of the unit. There is a button, which isn’t a soft touch button, which means little finders won’t accidentally turn the machine in excitement!

Once the mill is on, the mill rotates at a decent speed to produce amazing bubbles. They are large and sturdy bubbles (sturdy, as in they don’t break as soon as they form, so the children get to see them float around). I think the trick to creating the perfect bubble is to do with the solution. Inferior quality washing up style liquid generally produces poor quality bubbles.

Gazillion Bubble mix solution are long lasting. The 8oz solution which came with the mill has only half finished and we have used the machine for quite a while (probably around 20-25mins) and it’s produces loads of bubbles. There are bubble solution refills available in 8oz, 2L and 4L bottles, which are mGiant Gazillion bubble millore economical.

The boys are like any other children. They get excited watching and playing with bubbles. They don’t give them much air time before they jump up to pop them.

Watching the bubbles is quite mesmerising.  I watched the rainbow colours swirling around inside the bubbles. When the breeze hits the giant bubbles they can even gently mould together to form colossal bubbles!  It’s something you can watch for hours and is quite relaxing!

The Gazillion Bubble Mill is available across the UK at all good stockists as well as at Asda.  The refill bottles are also available at Argos. This product is priced at £19.99 and Gazillion also have a range of other bubble friendly fun!

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