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We are all fond of our gadgets in our house and the only reason we put them away, for long periods, is when we have family game time. We love family game time as we are together as a family and the joking and laughing (and sometimes competitiveness) is infectious! Combine this feeling with playing the right game and that is a winning combination! We’ve played many games before and you can read some of them here, but this time we were asked to review Stoopido, by Drumond Park. There is also a giveaway at the end of this review.Stoopido

Stoopido is a different kind of game. It’s not the usual ‘move your piece to get to the Β finish‘. It is actually the first person who can get their opponent/s to wear as many silly face parts as possible wins! The more stoopid you look, the funnier it gets!

We had lots of fun playing this. It’s a easy game to understand and although it does say from age 8+ on the box, my 5 year old was playing it. The concept was easy for him to understand, the only very small issue was that sometimes the pieces would fall off his glasses/face as his face is smaller! But that didn’t stop him from carrying on.

Stoopido Game – The Rules

There are 4 red plastic glasses for each player to wear, an array of double-sided gruesome face parts, four face part slap pads, a Stoopido buzzer and a dice.


When you roll the dice and you get either the nose, eyes, hat or ears, the fastest player to slap/touch the matching face part pad can then pick up that corresponding face part and put itΒ ANY person who hasn’t got that face part.

If you roll the glasses, then unfortunately that means the player to your left can pick any face part which YOU DON’T have and put that on you.

If anyone rolls the Stoopido buzzer (aka Stoopitoot), then the first person to press it or squeak it can put any piece face piece on any player, or, they can remove a face piece from their own glasses and put it back on the pile.

The aim of the game is to be the only player without a full face of Stoopido face pieces on their glasses. If you do get a full face of pieces then you have lost and you have to sit the rest of the game with your glasses on!

Our verdict?

I thought this game was fun and a very different type of game. It is very interactive. All the component parts were made really well and all the face pieces were colourful and had a lot of detail to them to make them look effective.


The game play was fun, imaginative and interactive. You forget what you may look like as you are laughing at what everyone else looks like instead!

I did think the top of the glasses may need another ‘hook’ to balance the hat on, as they kept falling off, but that is a very minor point. It may have also been us, as we were laughing and turning around so much that I’m not surprised they fell off! It didn’t distract us from the game anyway.

The game is available from all good UK toy stockists and it’s RRP is Β£17.99.

For your chance to win this fab game please enter on the Gleam widget below:
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122 thoughts on “Stoopido game review and giveaway

  1. There are 4 pairs of red glasses. Fab giveaway would love to be your lucky winner. Fingers crossed

  2. There are 4 pairs of red glasses. looks like a great family game and im sure our daughter would love playing it x

  3. Answer is 4 .. looks hilarious! Great competition thanks for the chance to win such a fantastic prize.

  4. There are 4 pairs of red glasses in the Stupido game. Looks like a lot of fun, make a change from teh usual faces my kids pull lol.

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