Le Rustique Camembert and Brie cheese

Le Rustique

We love cheese in our house. For me, it’s one of the only ways I eat any dairy or calcium, as I am not a huge milk fan. The rest of my family love cheese and experiement with lots of different flavours and we always have a big block of mature cheese in our fridge for various meals during the week.  So, when I was sent a lovely chilled case of Le Rustique Camembert and Brie cheese, I knew my family were going to love me even more!

If you head to the supermarket and go to the cheese area, you would have probably seen the familiar red and white checked cloth and wooden case, which all Le Rustique cheeses come wrapped in. It really makes them stand out and also doubles up as a little mat when on a picnic!

We were sent the full range of Camembert and Brie from Le Rustique just before Easter, so it was perfect timing. This would be the perfect treat after Easter Sunday lunch.

Le Rustique Camembert and Brie

As you would expect, Le Rustique goes through strict quality controls from start to finish, to produce the wonderful blend and consistancy of cheeses. Le Rustique started off in 1975 so has a long history of producing quality and authentic products.

Le Rustique is the story of one man’s passion for authentic French recipes and flavours combined with his love for cheese. In 1975, Jean Verrier developed the traditional recipe for his famously creamy and full-flavoured Camembert. As the years go by, Le Rustique cheese-makers still have the same desire to create cheeses with a unique and inimitable flavour to bring the Authentic Taste of France into every house.

We were sent the regular Camembert, the 8-portion Camembert and the Brie triangle. All were individually wrapped and which are fully re-wrappable (I know that’s not a word, but don’t you just hate it when you open something which you can’t save for later!)

Le Rustique Camembert – Le Rustique

This is a lot creamier than what I am used to. I usually have the baked Camembert, but this one was delicious. It was creamy, full of flavour and was a real hit with everyone.  It did have a stronger smell to it than I am used to, but that didn’t put us off. From the first taste we knew we were eating something special.

Each Camembert is on a constant transformation. Even if you buy the same Le Rustique Camembert often, the longer you leave it before Use By, you
will notice a change in flavour and depth.

  • Young: 35 days before the Use By Date – Texture: firm; Flavour: light and fresh
  • Ripe: Between 20 and 35 days before the Use By Date – Texture: soft and melt-in-the-mouth; Flavour: distinctive
  • Mature: 20 days before the Use By Date – Texture: creamy and soft; Flavour: pronounced

Le Rustique

The Camembert also comes in a convenient 8-portion pack. Which is perfect for picnics, lunchboxes and snacks. Imagine a lovely crusty roll with some superb Camembert? *lickslips

Brie – Le Rustique

Le Rustique The Brie was my favourite.  It must have been everyone’s favourite as it disappeared very quickly. Again, it is creamy. It hasn’t got a distinctive smell to it. The taste isn’t too strong, which meant the children even tried it (some cheeses are a little ‘grown up’ for my boys) and enjoyed it.

I had bought some nice, fresh bread, Cranberry and Cashew nut and a gorgeous hand made rustic rye bread. Both of these breads complimented the cheeses.  Also, you can’t have Brie without some grapes, so out they came too! Le Rustique

I think there are lots of cheese biscuits, breads and crackers which would go really well with these cheeses. As long as what you choose isn’t too strong in flavour or have too many ‘other bits’, I think it will go well with them.

We really enjoyed the flavour and consistancy of Le Rustique. They are a real treat, especially when the kids have gone to bed (they won’t steel my special bread!) and can also be used in your baking and cooking.  Get experimenting in the kitchen!

Le Rustique is available in all good supermarkets, in the chiller cabinets.


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