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How do you discipline your child when you are out in public? Both my children are old enough now to know better when  it comes to certain things. But sometimes I am really stuck as to how to tell them off in public!

When we are at home and they have done or said something silly I can tell them off without any doubt in my mind. It’s my environment so I feel comfortable.

So I can get as crazy as I like really. Confiscate this, turn off that, shout, go to the naughty step etc etc. Now don’t judge me, I know I’m not alone in this kind of behaviour!

We can’t always follow the naughty step rule or the talk calmly and rationally approach or lose your mind and tell at then approach!  Especially, when they have been getting on your nerves for a while!

I can say that their gamers, gadgets or television will be confiscated and they will have to behave themselves to earn it back. Or, no dessert,  (that’s also another one to raise few gasps!). There are so many ways you can discipline your child when at home.

My query is, What kind of ‘discipline’ do you give to your children when you are on the school run, for example?

Do you still rant and rave the same as you would do when you are at home. Or, do you think twice or even three times before even telling them off. Or do you take heed of the talk calm approach and do just that  (but secretly wanting to shout and let it out).

If you don’t screan like a banshee, when they’ve touched your last nerve, is it because of the stares you get from other school parents you are trying to avoid? Do you not want other people to get a glimpse of your ‘real’ discipline methods at home? Do you want them to think you are the perfect parent? Should we care what people think when telling our own kids off in public?

Should we be embarrassing them so they know not to do it again? (Copy their behaviour to see how unreasonable they are being!)

The reason for this post, is because I’ve just yelled at one of my boys on the school run and I’m now feeling really guilty!

We had already left home later than normal as he was messing around. We then left the house and he was literally dragging his feet as he said his school shoes hurt (and then his socks and then his jumper….). He was making me late for work and his brother late for school!

I really had had enough of his excuses and I was starting to really get annoyed at him. Please don’t judge me for it…i normally can’t get enough of him!!

Our journey to school is a 20 minute walk. So every second counts, and when he is dragging his feet it is so annoying. He refuses to go on his scooter or bike, old fashioned walking is the only option. He was just refusing to budge!

I had sucked in my disgust and annoyance so many times morning that he just prodded me too many times and I shouted at him, on the street!. It didn’t make any difference as he still dragged his feet.

I looked like a fool, he had ‘won’, I was feeling guilty and we were still late for school! How do you discipline children when in public?

I’m off to eat a packet of biscuits in a dark room……


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