Plastering kids with love – #TearsintoSmiles

plasters #tearsintoSmiles

Having children means you need to have eyes and ears all around you, at all times. Catching them when they fall and laughing with them when they do their cute and crazy things. Plastering kids with love is essential to their wellbeing.

We play with our children all the time. Whether that be board games or outside. Now the weather is getting warmer we love going on the trampoline and making up games and challenges. It is really a time to unwind and totally be free with the kids. Running around and being silly with the children is such an enriching time and it’s just a shame we don’t have as much time doing this as we want!Plasters #tearsintoSmiles

Visiting parks, climbing trees, rolling down hills and running about is a must for children and adults. But, these activities can inevitably end up in tears and, as a parent, we try and stop this tears as quickly as

The #TearsintoSmiles Challenge

I was set a challenge by the Elastoplast team to turn #TearsintoSmiles. Which, bascially means, how to quickly turns those little falls, and the tears that come with them, into more magic play time. Instead of it spoiling the day.

I always have a bag on me which has goodies and snacks handy when we are out and about. A hungry child is never fun! So this is perfect, on-the-go fun fuel.

But, asPlasters #tearsintoSmiles well as snacks I always carry plasters and Elastoplast are the preferred choice, especially as they now come branded with children’s Disney favourites (Frozen and Star Wars).

I’ve written a poem to show how important carrying those tiny plasters are when you are trying to turn #TearsintoSmiles

My poem – #TearsintoSmiles challenge

“Kids and play – plaster them with love”

Lots of outdoor play throughout the day can be tremendous fun;
Hearing their laughter, giggles and shrieks of joy is second to none!.

Whether they run around playing in big groups or even as just as one;
Caring for each and every one of them is never, ever done.

To make sure our days out aren’t ruined and don’t end up in tears;
Any bumps and scrapes are plastered – along with all their fears.

My bag doesn’t just hold snacks but essential Elastoplast plasters;
It stops the tears and wipes the fears from any potential disasters!.

From bumps and scrapes to cuts and lumps and grazes on knees and fingers;
Any blood is stopped with Elastoplast to let the fun linger!

I give the kids cuddles and give them kisses, but its not only me that they need;
Its those little, colourful Elostoplast plasters which they need to stop any bleed.

I always keep then tucked in my bag for all those boo-boo times;
To stop the tears and keep the smiles and let them continue to climb!

By Nelc3

What are your tips and tricks to stop your little ones from crying, when they have hurt themselves? Please comment below!


“This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast.

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