Cooking made easy with Panasonic


Eating isn’t a chore, it’s fun, gets the senses and tastebuds going and is a very social activity. Cooking can be like this too, but many times it is an effort. Especially when you have children and they want different things to you and need to be fed fast, before all hell breaks loose! With Panasonic’s Steam Combination Ovens, cooking has been made so much easier.

If you can rememeber, the first microwaves on the market were not very sophisticated. They were big and clunky, but technology has moved on since then and Panasonic are one of the leaders in the technology market. They produce sleek designs, outstanding quality and practical products. Their range of Steam Combinations Ovens are one of their must have kitchen gadgets to make your culinary life a lot easier.

Panasonic Steam Combination Ovens

Panasonic have created a complete range of Microwaves in UK by Panasonic. The purpose of these kitchen gadgets is that they inject steam directly into the top of the oven through it’s highly efficient boiler. We all know that steaming our food is much healthier and better for us, than frying etc. Cooking with steam, food retains more nutrients and natural flavours, for a quicker, healthier and delicious meal.



The intelligent cooking systems, offers faster results. You can combine microwave cooking, with grilling, oven and steaming to suit your cooking requirements.

These combination ovens have the usual features of standard microwaves, with auto cooking – which is the simplest method of cooking. Just adjust the cooking time required and it is nearly a one touch cooking process!

Panasonic has inverter technology, which delivers graduated power sequences and allows food to be cookedevenly and thoroughly, as well as allows you to quickly defrost your food.

The mouth-watering Panacrunch facility allows you to cook food evenly,without the need to rotate your dish midway through the process. Any excess fat is automatically drained off to maintain a juicy inside and crispy outside.

Haivng looked at all the features of this range, I can see why they would be a must have in many kitchens. I don’t like spending hours preparing and cooking food, I would prefer to spend that time with my family,so this would make it an ideal solution for busy households. The steam ovens, retain nutritional benefits to your food, which is crucuial for all family homes.




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