Degustabox June Review – see what’s inside


A few weeks ago we received a rather delightful and exciting package waiting for us in our porch. It was our monthly Degustabox and this always leads to excitement and shrieks (not only from the kids might I add!). Our Degustabox June was themed around BBQ’s – and how timely is this! Perfect weather to try out all these lovely BBQ / outdoor eating treats.

Here’s what’s inside our June Degustabox:

Eisberg Sauvignon Blacn Alcohol Free Wine RRP £1.49
Berrywhite Organic Drinks RRP £1.39
ENRJ – Energy Juice: Mango & Passion fruit and Apple & Berries  RRP £1.75
Capsicana Brazilian Chilli & Coconut Quick Cook Sauce RRP £1.99
Schwartz Authentic American Flavour RRP 2 x £0.85
Spoon Apple & Peanut Granola RRP £3.70
Light Bites – Mango with vanilla Yoghurt Fruit Chips RRP £1.49
Light Bites – Superfood Fruit Bar RRP £1.25
Walker Pure Butter Shortbread Scottie Dogs RRP £1.95
Original O’s Savoury Cumin and Sesame Nibbles RRP £2.99
Haribo Summer Frenzy RRP 2 x £1.00
Westons Cider RRP 2 x £1.99



There is a great selection this month (alcholic and non-alcoholic).  If you don’t want to drink and don’t want to feel left out (or are secretly pregnant!) then the Eisberg Alcohol Free win is perfect. Looks, smells and taste just like the real thing. Just no hangover afterwards!

Westons Cider cans look like lots of fun and I have been told they taste really good.

I’m not a big fan of cranberry, as I feel it makes me thirstier than before I actually drank anything. The cranberry and apple mix by Berrywhite is great as it takes the feeling away and leaves you feeling hydrated.

ENRJ  – energy juice drink, wasn’t to my liking I’m afraid. It looks like you are drinking a fresh juice, but the taste wasn’t quite appealing to me. Although, my hubby tried it and said he didn’t mind it. It was definately a taste bud issue with this one. Looks nice though!



You can’t go wrong with snacks in our house. Everyone’s favourite, Haribo, were finished within minutes. We all lovel them, especially Tangfastics. The Walkers shortbread is delicious, I knew it would be as I love it. We usually have it as a treat and I can never make shortbread as nice as Walkers!






I love granola, but not a big fan of peanuts, but this was delicious. I love putting granola with a little yoghurt and leave it in the fridge for aboout 10mins. The yoghurt soaks up the granola and makes it a more satisfying treat!

The snack bar was a little dry for me, but my 5 year old thought it was delicious and after eating it stopped nagging me for more after school snacks.

The Original O’s are a great idea. Great for snacking or sharing and have a real cumin quick.

The mango and yoghurt fruit crisps were lovely. Fresh and healthy.

Cooking sauce

These sauces are a must for BBQ season. Use the Schwartz on chicken and they would come out perfectly on the BBQ. The Chilli & Coconut can be used on meat or fish – try and them and see how tasty they are!


Degustabox – what is it?

Degustabox is a non-committal monthly subscription box. Where you will be send either an alcoholic or non-alcoholic box, crammed with around 10 – 15 different products.  It costs only £12.99.  As long as you cancel before the 9th of any month, you do not to carry on with the subscription. The contents of the box you will receive will have a loose theme, and the box will couried to your door (no delivery charge). Items will be securely packaged, so there should be no damage to your products.  This is a bargain surprise delivery box.

As usual we were not disappointed with this month’s treats. All the items were perfect for BBQ’s or outdoor eating. Go and try some!

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