Lego Batman Movie Event

Lego Batman

Saturday morning’s don’t get much better when you get to meet Lego Batman and Lego Batgirl. That is just what happened, a few weeks ago, when we were invited to a special Lego Batman Event to showcase the release of the Lego Batman series with the launch of the Lego Batman Movie DVD.

Lego Batman

The Lego Batman Event was in Oxo Tower, which overlooks the River Thames. It was a gorgeous day and the boys and I were really looking forward to the event.

The room was full of Batman fun and toys. The children were immediately blown away by an set which took up the whole table. It was amazing and so very detailed (just like the usual model sets). There was a great “Hook-a-Duck” game, where the children could hook a duck and a number underneath the duck denotes what prize they could have.

The boys kept winning Lego blind bags / mystery bags. They thought Christmas had come early as they love those bags and they spent the rest of the day ripping the bags open, and frantically putting the pieces together. The minifigures have been played with constantly and the boys have been showing the sets off to their friends at play dates. They are so proud of their prizes!

Lego Batman

Lego Batman


There was even a Lego Batman costume for the boys (or girls if they wanted) and a Lego Batgirl costume for the girls. These costumes were really well made and were easy to put on.  They were soft and supple, my eldest found it quite easy to walk around it. There were lots of other Lego Batmen that day so I had to keep an eye on my child, as it would be quite easy to get your child mixed up! All part of the fun though.

This is the ‘real’ Batgirl in this picture and my eldest is in a costume. They look awesome don’t they!


Our goody bags contained copied of the Lego Batman DVD, which the boys had already seen and totally loved it. I had missed out as I hadn’t gone to the cinema with them that day.  We got home and watched it and they were right, it was really good!

Lego Batman movie

The Lego Batman movie is the second Lego movie. The first was full of fun and quips and a great twist at the end. The winning formula doesn’t really change for this one either. It is just as fun, and just as funny and there are great little jokes for kids and adults to laugh at.  We definately recommend seeing it. If you liked the first movie, you will love this one!

Lego Batman sets

To accompany the Lego Batman movie, there are a range of great Lego Batman Lego sets. As with the usual style of Lego, they are all imaginative, addictive and great fun.

Scarecrow™ Fearful Face-off (RRP: £11.99)
Scarecrow™ is dropping fear gas bombs from his dangerous GyroCopter. Attach Batman’s jetpack, adjust the boosters and power into the sky to intercept him. Aim the grappling gun at the Gyro-Copter’s spinning rotors and take down the Super Villain. Only you can stop Scarecrow before he blows up the power plant! The set also features a power plant mini build with an explode function, plus two minifigures.




Lego Batman

The Batwing (RRP: £99.99)
Cruise in flight mode with Batman™ and Robin™ at the controls of the powerful Batwing. But watch out – Harley Quinn™ is shooting her rapid-fire cannon and trying to take you down. Fire the spring-loaded shooters and disc shooters. Then flip the wings into landing mode and take the battle to the city streets. Release the car from the back of the Batwing and drive after Harley. Beware of her hammer attacks and strike back with Batman’s Batarang. You must capture this Super-Villain before she causes even more chaos! This set includes three minifigures.

Lego Batman


There are a host of other toys and sets available. Go and visit a good toy retailer and you can see how fabulous these all are.

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