Personalised, stylish phone cases by GoCustomized

customised phone case

We value our phones so much these days. They do so much and hold so much of our personal data and information that we try and protect them. Sometimes I’ve told my kids that my phone is more valuable than them! (don’t judge me!). I’ve broken my phone before and it’s really annoying, not having all that information at your fingertips anymore. So, to protect your precious phones or tablets, we generally use some sort of case. Have you ever thought about a personalised, stylish phone case from

My phone cases are generally standard and very plain ones from the internet. My criteria has always been, protect the phone and choose a colour which I won’t be embarrased off!  I have usually gone for a red, silver or purple case (colours I like!).

So, when GoCustomized asked me to review a customised, stylish phone case (they also do iPad cases etc), I jumped at the chance to make my phone case look nicer.

Personalised, stylish phone cases by GoCustomized

GoCustomized are an online retailer who customise phone or iPad cases and gadgets with your favourite pictures. The can work with most makes and models, and they are all listed on the website.

Their extremely easy to use website makes it simple to find and select your phone/model and then upload the preferred image. Your picture can be one which is already saved on your computer or it can be uploaded directly from your Facebook account.  This is a great facility as it saves you having to trawl through your albums, especially if you are an avid Facebook user and have uploaded thousands of photos!

I’ve always been a bit worried about customised phone cases. The quality of any phone case is paramount to me and as the cost of customised cases are significantly more, it’s not something you want to take a “punt” on  if it’s not up to scratch. Also, I always been concerned with the quality of the picture on the case when it’s actually printed. You can never quite tell!

So with GoCustomized, I am relieved to tell you that not only is the quality of the case much better than my previous cases, but the picture quality was also far more superior than I anticipated. The case picture was just like the original. Have a look at the original and the phone case version:

Brotherly love phone cases

customised phone case

The phone case is well made and the magnetic strip is not only convenient but it also looks sturdy and snaps shut very well. I have had cases, in the past, where the magnetic strip has fallen out after a week and I’ve had to glue it back together. I’ve been using this case for two weeks now and it still looks brand new. No creases, no faded or falling apart!

I’m so impressed with this case that we are going to look at a new case for our iPad too, which is currently on it’s last legs!



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