King Pong by Drumond Park – review and giveaway

King Pong game

As you know, we are games mad in our house and always love to play board and table-top games. We were asked to try out King Pong by Drumond Park and we couldn’t say no. It looked like such a fun game.

As usual, with Drumond Park, the game is neatly packaged and of great quality. Β We have reviewed many Drumond Park games before and they have all been great.

King Pong – how to play

King Pong is fast paced, action game. Some of it is to do precision, but a lot of it has to do with luck, which is why it’s a great game for all the family, young and old.

Each player has a set of 5 coloured ping pong balls which they need to bounce through their hole and not let it roll out before the other players get through their set of balls. It is a frantically fast paced game. The first player to get rid of any coloured balls and slams their trap door shut is the winner.

You have to be quick, you have practice and get used to aiming the ping pong balls through the holes quickly. We loved playing this game. The younger children love throwing balls, so this is perfect for them. The older ‘children’ just have that inner competition in them and want to beat each other!

King Pong

We adapted the game a little and played outside, where the bouncing was going to be harder as the surface wasn’t flat. It meant that everyone was at the same level and there was no unfair advantage. So much so, that the adults lost and the younger children (aged 6- 7) won!

Ping Pong – is King Pong

We thoroughly enjoyed the competitive element from this game. The game says it is for 8+, but my 6 year old played it and he beat us on the adapted game version. The game is fast and very loud which makes it so much fun. The original version is quite a quick way of playing, so you can play lots of games to win back you pride! If you want a few laughs and ideas on how to handicap top players or enhance your game, take a look at this

Our adapted version, was much harder to win, but still enjoyable to play.

King Pong is available from good toy stockists , or look online atΒΒ and RRP is Β£24.99.

Here’s your chance to win your own King Pong and be the King of your castle! Enter through the gleam widget.

Good luck!


King Pong


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