Luxury chocolates – Lily O’Brien’s

Luxury chocolates

Having a sweet tooth really pays off sometimes. This is one of those exact times. I was asked to try out  some luxury chocolates! Who could possibly say no to that? Well I certainly, couldn’t, wouldn’t and didn’t! I was over the moon to try these new (to me) chocolates. These luxury dessert collection chocolates by Lily O’Brien’s looked delicious and this was one of those deliveries where I was eagerly awaiting the postman!

Luxury chocolates

You can see why I was so excited for the delivery after seeing the above picture!

Luxury chocolates – Lily O’Brien’s Dessert Collection

The box contains 18 chocolates in total, with 6 different decadent varieties. The flavours within this box are:

Hazelnut Torte
Passion Fruit Posset
Banoffee Pie
Creme Brulee
Raspberry Infusion
Key Limey Pie

Luxury Chocolates

Each chocolate was delicious. Even flavours which I thought I wouldn’t like (Passion Fruit Posset and Key Limey Pie). Each chocolate centre was smooth and the chocolate cup wasn’t hard.

luxury chocolates

My favourite had to be Banoffee Pie. I was initially sceptical about this flavour as I make banoffee pie which is always a big hit. I was convinced that the chocolate was going to be a failure in our eyes. How wrong was I! The chocolate was exactly how I make it. It wasn’t sickly sweet either and the soft caramel was spot on. I was surprised at how authentic it tasted.

Saying that, all of them were pretty authentic to the descriptions. Our favourite chocolates are the standard ones which many of us have been brought up on.

We served these when my family popped in and they were all pleasantly surprised with the texture and flavours of this Dessert Collection. These could easily be served as after dinner chocolates or given to friends and family. They would be ideal at Christmas too, or even as a treat for yourself!

These luxury chocolates from Lily O’Briens can be found at many good supermarkets and you can see the full selection on their website too.

Who are Lily O’Briens?

Lily O’Briens are an Irish family chocolate producer who are passionate about creating amazing and innovative chocolate recipes and who are not only passionate about chocolate but also strive to work with environmental bodies to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

They are so tempting and moorish that, to us, they are worth every penny!


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