Healthy coconut snacking by Ape Snacks

Coconut Ape Snacks

I am crazy about coconut for the family. Not just as a food, but also for our hair and skin. I know the health benefits of coconut so when I was asked to try out the health coconut snacks by Ape Snacks, I couldn’t say no.

Coconut has been a staple ingredient in many Asian dishes and it has been used for beauty remedies for centuries, coconut oil is a healthier alternative to vegetable oil and is a staple in our house. We can go to supermarkets and easily pick up fresh, diced coconut in the chilled cabinets, for snacking on. I’ve never had it as a flavoured snack, like salt and vinegar crisps! Ape Snacks have taken our humble coconut and turned it into a veritable feast!

Coconut snacks by Ape Snacks – who are they?

Ape Snacks are the fastest growing coconut snacking company in the UK! They have a very simple ethos. They want to bring it back to simplicity. Our snacking shouldn’t be made up for semi-guilt or treat cheats, still loaded with sugars and dreaded sweeteners. Ape Snacks wants to show the world, yes world, that you can have guilt-free, healthy, gluten free snacks, which looks good and taste even better. They are taking it back to basics, simple snacks with a big punch.

They have a big ambition but after receiving the packs to try, I can see they are on to a winner. The packaging was really striking and clear. It tells the consumer how natural the whole product and we couldn’t wait to see and taste them.  There are two ranges, the Coconut Bites and Coconut Curls.

coconut Ape Snacks

We received 6 packets:

  • Crunchy Coconut bites with sesame seed
  • Crunchy Coconut bites with chia seed
  • Crunchy Coconut bites – natural
  • Crispy Coconut curls – salted caramel
  • Crispy Coconut curls – pepper and spice
  • Crispy Coconut curls – lightly salted

The clever packaging means that it maintains the crunch of the product, whether that be the Bites or the Curls. The freshness is locked in, no one wants to eat stale snacks!

coconut Ape Snack

coconut Ape Snacks

We tried all the packs which we received and were delighted with them all, although our favourites were the salted caramel curls and the natural bites. I liked that these were guilt free, gluten free and sugar free. The products are crispy and crunchy and the sweet ones aren’t too sweet. The savoury ones are a great twist to the usual healthy snacks too.

These would be great to use as after school snacks. I had a pack after I came in from a run. as I wanted something quick to snack on whilst I waited for dinner and it really filled my hunger pangs! These would also be great to have whilst watching a movie.  You could also use some of these sprinkled on your favourite cakes or cupcakes, especially the salted caramel ones.

Ape Snacks are available from specialist high street health stores and a number of other specialist stockist and range from 99p – £2.49.

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