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Catch Phrase

Christmas is coming and a good family board game is always a winner to keep the whole family entertained during the festive season! So why not enter below to win the board game version of the UK’s most popular family game show – Catch Phrase. Read on for my Catch Phrase review and giveaway.

Catch Phrase is the popular gameshow where players have to identify familiar phrases or sayings which are represented by various animation or cartoon stills.  The show’s mascot is a golden robot called “Mr. Chips” and he is in many of the brain teaser questions.

We were delighted to be able to review the Catch Phrase game from Drumond Park, the games experts (you can see more of their game reviews here). We love watching Catch Phrase and we all get involved to try guess the saying. You would imagine the adults would beat the children easily, but you’d be surprised, their brains are quick at deducing!

Catch Phrase

The board game version, is very similar to the television version. There are hundreds of brain teasers to keep everyone entertained over and over again. Each player hosts a round of Individual, Rapid-Fire and Super Catch Phrase puzzles. The player with the most money at the end game wins.

There is a “Mr. Chips” holder to hold each brain teaser so everyone can see it. We didn’t particularly like this, as the cards were a little small for lots to crowd around and view (I think we are quite competitive, so were all leaning over the cards to solve it first!).

We decided to fix this by putting the brain teaser on the television, it’s like we were playing it for real! I used my phone and paired it to my television, where I could use my phone’s camera to hover over the brain teaser to show it on my screen.  This meant that everyone could see the card on the television and we weren’t bending over and nudging other’s out of the way.

Each brain teaser is double sided and the answers are written on the opposite side of the card. So don’t read the answer on the face side and think you’ve got it!

See if you can get the answer to these Catch Phrases:

Catch Phrase

Catch Phrase

If you haven’t got a phone which you can pair your television, it won’t be much of a problem, as the game play is still the same. You just need to be less agressive with your play (bear in mind we are very aggressive and competitive players!).

We really enjoyed playing this as a big group (with slightly different rules) and also with just the children. It is definitely a great game for Chrismas and a party. Some of the brain teasers are harder than others, but after a while your brain starts working in a slightly different way and you’ll think outside the box and answer them quicker.

We highly recommend this game and it is definitely coming out this Christmas.

Catch Phrase is available at specialist online and board game shops, RRP £19.99 with a recommended age of 8 years and for 2-4 players.

If you would like to win your own copy, in time for Christmas, then please enter here:

Catch Phrase

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