Luxury Christmas Hampers with Prestige Hampers

Luxury Christmas hamper

We all try and buy gifts for our loved ones over Christmas. Gifts which we hope they will enjoy at some point or even possibly recycle to someone else! (at least you know it will get used and not shoved in the loft for no one to enjoy!). Some people are very difficult to buy for and others are a breeze – that’s the joy of Christmas, keeping us on our toes! I was asked by Prestige Hampers if I would review one of their Luxury Christmas Hampers and I thought why not, I’ve never had a traditional Christmas Hamper before and  they always looks so exciting!

Luxury Christmas Hampers

I didn’t know what I would be receiving – so it would be a total surprise when I opened the box. Their online shop has so many Luxury Christmas Hamper varieties. They all looked quite nice, so I knew I would have liked which ever I was sent.

Their Luxury Christmas Hampers range from £19.99 – £750. The top priced variety is their super deluxe range and looks like it would see you through a world war or two (or maybe a Christmas in our glutenous household!). I received their mid-priced range and it looked quite fabulous. I have to mention that the delivery of our first hamper was damaged by Royal Mail, they had  left a note to say it was their fault. So I sent a message to Prestige Hampers and they got another one out to me a few days later! Great service!

The deliveries come with a beautiful little card, which can be personalised to the recipient.

Luxury Christmas Hamper

Luxury Christmas hampers

When my next hamper arrived it was in perfect condition. It was a traditional hamper, in a basket….I’ve always wanted one of them! It’s those little traditional things which never go out of style and always put a smile on faces!

If you don’t like the traditional wicker style basket hampers, Prestige Hampers also supply delightful festive boxes, which look so cute. Also, after you have consumed the contents you can use the Christmas box to pack someone’s else’s present in!

The opening of this Christmas Hamper wasn’t a calm one. The boys were really excited and when the delivery came we were just about to leave the house (coats on, keys in hand etc). But, they were desperate to see what was inside – they had never seen a Christmas Hamper before either!. It didn’t take much persuading from them for me to agree to open it to be honest.

We took the lid off and were ‘greeted’ by a lovely layer of delights, which the boys immediately tried to grab.  I had to stop them (not only because I hadn’t really looked at the items and it wasn’t Christmas yet, but I wanted to take a picture of it, so you could all see it!

Luxury Christmas Hamper

Luxury Christmas Hamper – what was inside?

Whenever you receive a hamper, the first reaction when opening should always be an “Oooh”. We were delighted with this top layer, but when we removed this top layer we discovered a host of other items underneath:

  • 3 bottle of wines (red, white and rose, protected by the basket and soft packaging inside)
  • box of Belgian Chocolate thins – all mine, this is my secret pleasure!
  • Luxury traditional Christmas pudding – so Christmassy
  • Fancy Truffles – these will go down a treat
  • Luxury hand cooked crisps – in a tub….very fancy!
  • Mackays Orange marmalade and Strawberry jam –  perfect post Christmas snack time!
  • Pumpkin Seed & Cranberry biscuits – perfect with a bit of Christmas brie or stilton
  • Cute box of London Tea – everyone can have a cup of ‘posh’ tea on Christmas morning!

The hamper was lovely and decadent. Although there are items which aren’t my favourite, I know other people who would love them over Christmas and it still made the whole surprise element just as enjoyable. Receiving things through the post, which you can eat, is always a bonus!

I really enjoyed my Christmas Hamper and with the range that Prestige Hampers offers, you are sure to find something for your loved ones. Not only did I enjoy receiving the box, but opening it and seeing what was inside, is all part of the experience. The different items packed are all great quality items, presented tastfully and beautifully – so it’s a real treat.

Christmas Hampers can be sent to anyone, young or old and takes the hassle and fuss of going shopping and trying to figure out what to get that special someone. It takes the hassle out of shopping for someone, but gives you huge amount of kudos from the recipient because it feels so special – win, win for everyone!

Have a look at their website, you might even find something for yourself – go on treat someone special with something special!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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