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We all know about Sportsdirect and the vast array of sports clothing and accessories they offer for the whole family.  I have bought a few items from our local store for my sons and we are always surprised at how reasonably priced their items are. We’ve never bought from their online store, so when I was asked to try out Christmas Challenge to see what was available from their £5 and under range, I had to say yes! – £5 Christmas Challenge –  #sdfiverchallenge

You know what the shop is like, crammed full of specialist clothes and accessories. That is exactly what the website is like too, but it a slightly easier shopping experience (I’m an online shopper, so I find anything easier than going into a shop!).

When I was asked to try the £5 Christmas Challenge with, I knew, immediately, what I would get. My son has started running (I’m going to take the credit for it as I try and go for a run a few times a week, so I think I’ve inspired him!). So, I wanted to get him some Karrimor running socks for him, just like the ones I have, but junior versions.


I wanted to encourage him to carry on running and getting him little treats for his feet, in his favourite colour too (yellow) were just the trick. The adult version has been great for my feet, protecting them during winter runs and keeping them cool during summer runs, all whilst protecting my toes from corns and blisters.

I also wanted to get another running top (a runner can never have enough tops!) and some other items which were slightly above the #sdfiverchallenge, but I couldn’t resist and really needed them!


Running vests are great for keeping cool during summer and layering up during colder months. I loved the colour purple (not just the film of that name!), so this purchase had my name written all over it!

My headphones for my music player had just broken and running without music is pretty hard for me, I need my music to get me through it! So, I thought, let’s see what have available and I settled on a pair of Karrimor sports earphones. Earphones are very personal and I’ve paid for many which have been pretty rubbish at staying in my ears during a run. These ones I chose, were really good and I took them on a run today to test them out. I was only planning on going for a short run, but as they were so comfortable, I carried on for just over 3 miles with them in. I didn’t touch or fiddle with them once! They are a keeper!

The last item I bought were running tights for my son. I felt this would benefit his running style and technique, rather than his baggy jogging bottoms.

Sportsdirect – #sdfiverchallenge

The site is very comprehensive and it did take me a while to pick the final items, as there was so much to choose from. Some items wheren’t suitable from the £5 price challenge, as I was specifically choosing for my eldest son. There are, however, lots available for younger children and girls. I still managed to whittle my selection to about 5 products before choosing the socks. Remember, I was looking for something quite specific, but there are many other items which could have been chosen if you kept it quite general.

In regards to the other purchases, I again, took quite a while as I was looking for specific items, but there were plenty to choose from, colours, sizes and designs at affordable prices.

Once I had placed my order, the parcel only took a few days to arrive. Overall, I was really impressed with the service and delivery. The products where of great quality, we are still using them now. The delivery charge was £4.99, but considering the savings you make when you buy lots of items, it still makes financial sense.


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