Smashers review and giveaway

Smashers Rare Silver Trophy

We were delighted to be asked by the fab people at Zuru to review their exciting and brand new Smashers toys which are going to be a huge ‘hit’ this year (‘hit’ against the wall and floor and a ‘hit’ with the children too!). Read on to find out more about the new Smashers and my fab giveaway.

Smashers – what are they?

Smashers are fun toys, aged for children 4-12, which can be smashed against any surface to break open and release the surprise collectable toy inside. There are hundreds to collect and each one has a different value and rarity. See if you can get a rare one, you’ll be the envy of everyone!

The toys have collectables within the sporting activities, Football, Rugby and Basketball.

Smashers balls

The boys were so excited to smash the balls. They did try to do it whilst they were trampolining (which probably wasn’t a wise decision!), but luckily I persuaded them to use the solid floor.

They jumped off the trampoline and got ready to throw their Smashers against the floor. One, two, three….Go!

Smashers - getting ready to throw the Smashers

Smahers - just broken the Smashers ball on the ground

Smashers - look at what he got, a Rare Silver Trophy

The boys managed to get a Rare Silver Trophy!  Look at his face, he was so happy (at this point he didn’t even know it was a rare one and worth more!

Once the Smashers balls have been smashed open and the prize revealed inside, children can then attempt to put the ball back together again. It’s a little bit like one of those impossible puzzles, but if you try hard enough, you can do it! I have to warn you though, it is really fiddly!

Smashers Ball - trying to put it back together again

The three sports categories of the Smashers, Football, Basketball and Rugby, not only have the Smashers balls, but there are also a range of toys to accompany and compliment the Smashers balls, such as the Smash Basketball Bus! RRP £20 This opens up to reveal a basket ball style court where you can practice your hoop shooting skills with your little Smashers and see if you can get a basket with them.

Smashers Bus

The Smashers balls for Football, Rugby and Basketball come in a 1 pack, 3 pack and 8 pack, with the Football Smashers balls also coming in a 12 pack. I was a little bit worried about the balls being smashed and damaging my new floor, but they are fine and the pieces smash relatively easily and are softer than you think (so no damage to person or property!).

As you can tell from some of the pictures the boys were very excited to play with these and smash them open (I’m constantly telling them not to break things, so this was there excuse to go wild!). The icing on the cake was getting the Rare Silver Trophy, we were only one away from getting the Gold!

If your children have enjoyed collecting toys, then this is certainly for them. The toys can be purchased from a number of good national toy retailers and vary in price, depending on what you are buying RRP £3 – £20. So some great pocket money toys or birthday gifts.

I have a great giveway where you can win a Smashers 8 pack, worth £9.99 and a Smashers Football Tin worth £7.99

Smashers Giveaway

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