Joyful family moments with Oreo Cookies

Oreo Cookies

We were asked to take part in a fun challenge by the Oreo Cookie people. How could we say no to some fun combined with delicious family favourite cookies, Oreo. The challenge was all about creating, capturing and sharing joyful family moments with Oreo Cookies in celebration of “The Great Oreo Cookie Quest” –  a fun and exciting way to win great family prizes #OreoCookieQuest.

We planned to go to Kew Gardens and do a fun quest amongst the beautiful emerging Spring flowers. I was looking forward to hiding some Oreo Cookies amongst the Bluebells and Rhododendron bushes. Imagine those colours and the pictures, they would have looked amazing.

Unfortunately, imagine is all we could do, as this happened and disrupted our plans:

Snow 2018

I don’t think it we would have had as much fun being cold and wet for most of the day, so we had to cancel the plans and stay at home instead. Like most parents’ weekends, ours are spent ferrying children to various birthday parties and sports. So, this weekend was one of the rare ones, where we had cleared our schedule to go to Kew Gardens. It is very rare to have a day spent at home and it felt a little alien to be honest. Relaxing at home is definitely a new experience over the normal hectic weekends!

So, what did the children decide to do?  Well, with the soft, fluffy snow, they couldn’t resist going and playing in it! Being outside is so much fun, especially in the snow. It doesn’t happen very often in London so we made the most of it, snow angels, snow ball fights and just strange behaviour (from all of us, not just the children!)

snow 2018

What is the perfect way to unwind after being outside in the cold snow? What else, but a glass of warm milk and some Oreo Cookies to dunk. The boys were in heaven, smiles all round and with the perfect serving of 2 Oreo Cookies each, they were happy.

Snow 2018 Oreo cookies

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We also watched Moana, a very under-rated film, in my opinion. We love this film. I originally assumed it was a “girly” film (like Frozen). But, this is so much better. Story and animation is beyond good and it does help that a certain Dwayne Johnson is also “in” the film.

Whilst watching the film we had lots of snuggles and it was bliss!

snow 2018 Oreo cookies

As we are normally very busy over the weekends and barely have time to sit down and have a proper meal together, it was a real treat to just sit and relax with the children. The cuddles whilst watching our movie were priceless. My eldest, who doesn’t give kisses much, but is very tactile, gave me at least 5 kisses on the cheek whilst watching the movie. It was such a special moment. I must have done something right!

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Here’s a little quest for you, how many times have I mentioned Oreo Cookies? Put your answer in the comments section.



This post is an entry for BritMums #OreoCookieQuest, sponsored by Oreo


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