Die Hard classic released on Blu Ray DVD

Die Hard

What could be better on a clammy Thursday evening than sitting in a private air conditioned movie theatre. Well, top that off by watching the first Die Hard movie in 4k Ultra HD, which has now been released on Blu Ray, just in time for a great Father’s Day treat.

Bruce Willis is most well known for his role as John McClane in the Die Hard movies and I had been invited to watch this classic action movie in the fabulous private 20th Century Fox cinema room in the heart of London.  This Die Hard classic movie is now available on Blu Ray and would be a perfect gift for any young old (slightly older) father! The movie was first released 30 years ago, back in 1988!

Die Hard

I had seen different parts of this movie of the years, but I had never watched from start to finish all in one sitting before.  My hubby, who loves this movie, joined me and he was really looking forward to it.

We settled down, in our comfy leather sofas, which reclined back to just the perfect viewing angle and started watching this classic. Right from the beginning we watched the arrival of the infamous Bruce Willis making his first appearance and his cheeky little smirk. We had forgotten the little jokes and funny remarks made by the characters, it is really great action thirller but also partly comedic. The late Alan Rickman also stares in this film and plays a German baddie. He is cheeky, smart and determined to get his way, but he didn’t realise how John McClane would foil his master plans!

This was a roller coaster of an action thriller, dotted with great amusing moments., Yes, it’s a little old, yes it’s hasn’t got the special effects we are now used to, but it is just a great movie filled with great one-liners. Perfect for Fathers Day. Go on, treat your Dad or Granddad, everyone will enjoy this movie!



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