Hedbanz – fun for all the family.


The boys are getting a little older now and it’s great to be able to let them choose a game (like Hedbanz), set it all up and play with friends and family without much supervision from adults.  When they were younger I had to set everything up and explain the rules before starting, it would sometimes be less fun for me (it’s not just the kids who are allowed to have fun right?!).

So, I was delighted when we were asked to try out Hedbanz from Spin Master and then found out that this game was a modern version of the old classic “Who am I?”.  It’s a game which we can all play together as a family as well as let the kids play it by themselves. It’s so simple they don’t need any supervision at all. There are no tricky parts, which little fingers and hands would struggle to hold. It’s a simple, fun and funny game!

The Hedbanz box contains 72 cards, 6 headbands, 24 scoring chips, 1 timer and an instruction sheet.


The aim of the Hedbanz is to guess what card is on your headband by asking “yes” or “no” style questions. There is sample card of questions you could ask, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. There are plenty more possibilities. The player who correctly guesses their card within the time frame can return one of their scoring chips back to the “bank”. The player with no chips left is the winner.


The boys had fun playing this game and were very inventive with their questions and their guessing. It was really fun watching them and seeing their reasoning skills coming through. It was great to see their problem solving skills at work and how their questioning may be completely different to an adults but they would still get to the answer within the allotted time!


Hedbanz is a great family game. Kids and adults alike will have lots of fun. Trying to figure out your opponents thought process is lots of fun! Kids can just go off and play this game without any help from adults, so it would be great for an after school or play date session. It’s nice to give the children a little bit of independence with their games.

Hedbanz is available from all good toy stores and online. RRP is £12.99. If you want a great, fun, entertaining family game, which will keep you giggling, then try Hedbanz by Spin Master

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This product was supplied to me for the purpose of a review. All views and opinions are my own.

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