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As you may know, we love playing games in our house and we have tested out many different types of family games. We were lucky enough to be given a unique and educational game called Frenetic, which combines a word search type game with the visuals of the periodic table to review. I’m passing that luck to you as this Frenetic Review also has a giveaway too. Read on to see how to enter!

Frenetic – the game and how to play


The box contains the actual board, tiles, a bag, sand timer,  4 x pencils and 4 x notepads. The aim of the game is to be the first player to reach 1000 points by combining two or more tiles to make any word. The tiles are made up of various single letter or double letter combinations which all relate to the periodic elements table. Each tile has an associated number which determine how many points you will get for using that tile in your word.

When the first batch of  8 tiles are picked out and the timer turns around, all players start playing at the same time, which means there is no waiting around for the previous player to finish. All the players think of the their words at the same time, writing them down.  Once the timer has finished, all players compare words and if the same words have been written down then they can’t be counted and you don’t get any points for those words.  If they are real words and are not on other players list then you score your points.


At the beginning of the following rounds each player takes it in turns to pick four new tiles to add to the board, to enable more words to be made up. The first player to reach 1000 points wins. The game is for 2-4 players and recommended age is 8+, but my 6 year old played and he really enjoyed it. He didn’t win (I did, I know I’m competitive) but he still enjoyed making words. I was surprised that there were simple words , which my 9 year old would get and I would miss out.  Sometimes the longer words don’t get the bigger scores.

Remember to use the x2 red tiles if you can, that could make all the difference to winning or losing!

Frenetic – our thoughts

We really enjoyed this game. It was a thinking game but wasn’t too difficult for the younger children. It also surprised me that they got words that I wouldn’t think of, which made them feel great. The smiles on the children’t faces when they had a word which the adults didn’t was brilliant! The first round is definitely the hardest as there are fewer tiles to use to make words from.

You have to work quickly, but you also have work smart. There is also an element of luck too. If a single ‘s’ tile gets placed on the board, remember to just reuse the words that you’ve already written down. The ‘blank’ tile is also a great one to get, it enables you to get more words and a higher score. The leader board can change at any time of the game, so it really is a battle to win!

When my youngest was playing I would give him a little extra time or he wanted to be the mathematician and add up all the scores from each player and each round. So, not only is it an educational game for your language and spelling, but it helps with your maths too!


If you would like to win your very own Frenetic game, enter using the widget below:

Frenetic giveaway

Frenetic is from the makers of Accentuate and can be found at stores like Amazon and John Lewis and it’s RRP is £22.99. Well worth it in my opinion as it’s well made, sturdy, fun and educational.



Disclaimer: I was supplied this game to provide an honest review. All opinions and views are all my own.



40 thoughts on “Frenetic Review and Giveaway

  1. The symbol for oxygen is, O Atomic number 8 and atomic weight 15.999, I owuld love this game to help teach my son the elements – his favourite is livermorium (LV)

  2. The periodic element symbol for Oyxgen is “O”.

    (Captial letter Oh, on it’s own — no “2” after it, because then it’s a molecule, not an element)

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