New Pokemon Toys Launch

Pokemon Toys

Last week we rushed out of school and jumped on a train into Central London. The boys were very excited and couldn’t wait to attend the new Pokemon toys launch by Character Options.

It’s not very often that I don’t get the usual moaning from the boys after school: “can we go to the park?”, “I’m hungry, have you brought anything?”. Last Thursday I got “What train are we catching?”, “What time will we get there?”. It was quite refreshing and I could tell the boys were excited.  On top of that we were meeting daddy after work too. All on a school night!! It was the day before the end of term so I wasn’t that worried!

Pokemon fans like their Pokemon toys, especially because of their attention to detail, their special powers and abilities. My boys have some Pokemon toys which they role play with and it’s fascinating to hear them play and how they know so many of the moves and combinations. I just about know what the different “types” are.  So, to find out what New Pokemon Toys were being launched was going to be an exciting event!

Pokemon Toys

The new Pokemon Toys Launch was a colourful delighted and had an array of soft 12″ plush characters. These were cute and very accurate. The boys went around and named them all (wish they would know their 15 times table just as well as their Pokemon characters!)

Pokemon Toys

There were a range of 2-12″ figures and legendary figures. The Lunala figure in the picture above is 3 inches. These are brightly coloured and plastic and made to a very high standard. Great for playing as well as collecting. Some of the ranges come in various pack sizes; 2 pack, 3 pack and 8 pack.

Certain characters, mainly in the 4.5 inch range, have moving actions. Bewear has a hugging action (where you can put other smaller Pokemon characters under Bewear’s arms), Lapras has swimming action, Decidueye has an arrow launching action and Ash & Pikachu has a launching action.

Pokemon Toys

The pièce de résistance, for my youngest child, was the Power Action Pikachu which lights up and talks. Give it a little shake and it ‘wakes’ up and lights up. It is programmed with a few phrases. It is also very soft and can take lots of cuddles! My son loves to sleep with teddies and ones which light up generally have a hard battery compartment which I wouldn’t let my son sleep with. But, this Pokemon plush was very soft, even around the battery area, so would be ideal for playing, cuddling and sleeping with.

The popular Clip ‘N’ Go Belt is also back with lots of Clip ‘N’ Go balls to assist you play when you are on the move. There are also  soft Poke Ball Plushes and 8 – 12″ character plushes.

The boys really enjoyed seeing the Character Option toys new Pokemon toys launch. They were naming characters as they went by and also were surprised with a few characters which they hadn’t seen made as toys before.  The quality of the toys were exceptional and we thought they were a great range for any kind of role play, single play and collectables.

All of these toys were launched on 19th July 2018 and are available at leading toy retailers online and in-store. Varying RRP’s apply.


I attending the launch but was under no obligation to write this review and all views and opinions are my own.




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