XLS-Nutrition shakes – helping to achieve your target weight


There have been plenty of times during my adult life where I would have liked to lose a bit of weight. But I’ve never been one for diets (I love my food!). I prefer to do a little more exercise instead.


I’m not massively overweight and I am currently training to run a half marathon soon, so I know I am not totally unfit. I have a body shape which isn’t lean, but is real. I’ve had two children and have rounder bits and soft squidgy bits and a few folds here and there. Would I like to get back to my pre-baby figure? Not really, all I want to do it lose a little weight and tone up.  This will ideally help me with my running and take me from being just outside of my target time for my half marathon and being able to beat it. I think a combination of training and weight loss will mean I will achieve this.




What are XLS-Nutrition shakes and how can they help?

I was asked to review XLS-Nutrition weight loss shakes and my initial reaction was to say no, but after reading up on the brand and this particular product, I was impressed to find out that they are actually a healthy and nutritious shake made from naturally sourced ingredients. The naturally sourced ingredients are quite important to me and the shakes are high in protein and contain specially selected combination of B vitamins.


Depending on how much weight you want to lose or even how dedicated you, XLS-Nutrition shakes replaces an entire meal (or two, depending on how much you want to lose) and has fewer than 250 calories per shake. Personally, I couldn’t do more than one replacement meal drink a day.

There are three flavours to choose from: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. I started off trying the vanilla shake.  Directions on how to make the shakes for a meal replacement are on the tin and also on the leaflet inside the tin. Remember to use a shaker (a drinks bottle will do too) so all the powder is dissolved and there are no lumps in the mixture.


If you are using this for a meal replacement you have to make it with milk. If, like me, you also wanted to try it for a protein hit after exercising, then you can replace the milk with water. The consistency is slightly thinner, but it still tastes the same. You can also add fruit to the shake to give it more of a smoothie texture – I opted to have my fruit separately as I prefer the bite to my fruit.


XLS-Nutrition shakes – Results

I tried all three flavours and I preferred the strawberry and chocolate ones. For me, the vanilla one wasn’t to my liking.  The smell wasn’t quite what I was expecting (not that it was horrible, as some people would like it).

I liked the consistency of the shake when I made it as a meal replacement version. The strawberry was my favourite.  When I made the shakes after a workout, and more as a protein hit, using water instead of milk, I preferred the chocolate flavour.  That could be a subconscious thing as I must be wanting to treat myself to something chocolatey after a hard workout!

After using the XLS-Nutrition shakes for about one month, I am pleased to say I have lost a little weight and my running is a lot easier. I haven’t quite reached my target time for my half marathon, but I am soooo close to it!

When I used the shakes as a meal replacement for one meal only, not two. I found, for my lifestyle that it worked better and I didn’t feel like I was missing out. I didn’t have to organise my social life around these shakes as I had the flexibility to decide which meals I was replacing.

XS-Nutrition shakes are part of the XLS-Medical brand and are  available online and at lots of high street stockists.




This product was sent to review and all views and opinions expressed are my own.


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