Feisty Pets Review – Halloween Special

Feisty Pets

We love Halloween in our house. It’s not only a great, fun, outrageous and scary occasion, but it is also my youngest son’s birthday!  He is an actual Halloween baby so we have go all out in our house to make Halloween special and his birthday gruesomely brilliant. So, when we were asked to try out some of the Feisty Pets for a review, we thought it would make a great addition to our Halloween treats.

Fesity Pets

Feisty Pets are from Jazwares and don’t look feisty at all. But, don’t let that trick you over the Halloween season. These toys are a great trick or a great treat (see what I did there!).  We were lucky enough to be sent Princess Pottymouth and Sir Growls-A-Lot.

They are such soft toys to cuddle and pet. Great for little hands to hold. At the back of their heads there are two press levers (between the ears), squeeze them together and this happens…..

Fesity Pets

They turn from cute, sweet lovable pets into scary, devilish monsters, just by squeezing the back of their heads. Doesn’t stop them from still being soft though! Those cute little mouths hide those sinister teeth.

Fesity Pets

There are six different pets to collect and they all start out cute and cuddly…..and end up just being cuddly! Each pet has it’s own characteristics (likes and dislikes).

Fesity Pets

Fesity Pets







These Feisty Pets are great role playing toys. We have been using them to scare lots of friends and family (the boys taking particular pleasure in answering the door cuddling it and then suddenly pressing the head to release the monster!).

The boys have also decided that it would be a great toy to take trick or treating with. It’s a perfect trick option and would surprise anyone.

These toys are available in many UK stockists such as Smyths Toys and Argos and the RRP is £14.99. We are planning on getting the Sammy Suckerpunk the grey Husky. He looks so cute…….or does he??


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