Halloween birthday – Plants vs Zombies cake

Plants vs zombies cake

My youngest son was born on Halloween, which means we have an easy birthday theme each year!  It also makes his birthday extra special, with all the Halloween and birthday decorations combined.  Each year I ask him what kind of cake he wants me to make him. The last few cakes have been relatively easy and quite Halloween themed.  This year he wanted his Halloween birthday cake to be a Plants vs Zombies cake!

I’ve got used to making ghostly or pumpkin related cakes or even ghostly colours. But, when he asked for a Plants vs Zombies cake I had no idea what to do.  I actually told him to think again it sounded way too hard! His previous cakes were relatively easy………see:

ice cream cake Ghost cakePumpkin cake Halloween








After much deliberation, I decided to risk it and try making his cake.  As long as I left enough time to do all the fiddly characters I should be fine.

So, the week leading up to his birthday party I decided to start the process of making the little characters (which I had no idea what they were supposed to be!).

The night before the party I made the cake, which was a 4 tiered vanilla sponge with salted caramel icing in between each layer (very nice icing too) and covered it in the three tons of green icing, well it felt like three tons!

On the morning I placed each Plants vs Zombies character on the cake. I made a zombie hand coming out of a plant pot, with pea shooters, sunflowers and walnuts. I struggled with balancing the zombie hand on the plant pot as the zombie hand was so heavy and needed a little prop. I decided on going for the easy option and just balancing it on the plant pot rather than using a support stick (anything that makes life a little easier!).

I am quite pleased with the finished cake and so was the birthday boy.  The little sunflowers are so cute.

Plants vs zombies cake


plants vs zombies cake


The cake itself was really delicious too and fed the whole party. As it was a tall cake with a lot of layers, it meant the slices didn’t need to be so big, so the cake went further.

I don’t have a creative bone in my body and baking and decorating doesn’t come easy to me. I am by no means a brilliant baker, I just like seeing the faces of my little boys when I’ve finished the cake!

Happy birthday little fella!

Have you made a cake for a family member that you are proud of too?




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