Stylish workout gear with Hunkemöller

hunkemoller capri leggings

It’s the New Year and we all make promises to ourselves that we will be kinder to ourselves, eat better, exercise more, start a new hobby…the lists go on. Over the festive season the reality of eating yule logs for breakfast, lunch and dinner has certainly taken it’s toll!  When you ask for yule logs and jelly beans for Christmas (I’m easily pleased!) and get them, I’ve really only got myself to blame. So, when Hunkemöller asked me to try out their capri leggings I star-jumped at the chance! I needed the incentive to go out and start running again and a new pair of Hunkemöller capri leggings would definitely help, stylish workout gear is a great incentive!

My usual items of running garments come from various retailers. I tend to pick up ones which are black and “do the job”. I’m not adventurous and don’t want to stand out when I’m outside.  Which I know is silly, as I am actually outside getting fitter and stronger each and every time I go, pushing myself that little bit further. It may not be a marathon but to me it is still an achievement.

Hunkermöller – capri leggings

Hunkemöller are a brand who offer sportwear, lingerie, swimwear and nightwear. Having looked through their site the ranges are soft and feminine but aren’t too flowery (if that makes sense).  I was sent a pair of their Hunkemöller HKMX Capri Sports Leggings. The site states the leggings are red, but they are more aubergine, which I much prefer.

Hunkermoller capri leggings

They come down to my calves (the usual capri length) and are high-waisted (see the picture below). They really hold you in and whilst running they didn’t fold or fall down. I ran for just over 3 miles and they didn’t budge, which was great, but did it hold up after a wash?!  I did another 3 mile run and they still felt like they were new and they stayed up again.

Hunkermoller capril leggings

These show how high waisted these capri leggings are.  My usual size in most clothes is a 12 , these are a 12 and are true to size. I had to tug the capri leggings to get them on in the first place, but once they were on I didn’t worry about them at all. 

Hunkermoller capri leggings

The gorgeous mesh detail on the knee area is lovely. It breaks up the design and makes it that little bit different.  They feel so soft to touch and whilst on.  I forgot I was wearing them even an hour after I finished my run. That’s got to mean they are comfortable, right?

There are many other items of sportswear available in this range: sweaters, bra tops, long leggings. The sweaters look really good for lounging or shopping, they look so comfy!  I’ll be keeping an eye on those, great for gifts too!

Have a look at the rest of the range, I’m sure there will be something that catches your eye and you’ll want.

Hunkermoller capri leggings

I’ve got quite long and strong nails.  I have been known to pull on a pair of leggings and make a hole. Luckily these didn’t get a hole in when I pulled them up with my nails. They were in tact and great quality. If they can survive my nails they must be worth it!

I’m generally not a capri leggings kind of girl, but the colour, comfort and strength of these means I will definitely be wearing these again.  I won’t be shy telling people where I bought them from either! Stylish workout gear from Hunkemöller.

Tell me what you think of Hunkemöller, is there anything that catches your eye?


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