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Thank you for visiting my site, it’s great to meet you!

My name is Nel and I live in London.  I am a mother to two fantastic boys, aged 7 and 5 and a wife to one very punny man (he loves his puns!).

I used to work in Marketing/Business Development for the legal industry, until after my second child. I decided to swap one manic corporate world for another manic world of children, so now you can find me ferrying them to various sports clubs, activities, play dates and excursions! I also work part-time for a very small but amazing charity, which helps women in Africa work themselves and their families out of poverty. As you can imagine, I try and fit in as much in to my day as possible, sometimes I just about schedule a “hi” in with my hubby too!

I’m eternally busy.  I’m not going to lie, I had, sometimes, found the transition from working full-time to looking after the children very hard. But, now, I wouldn’t change it for anything.  They are two wonderfully cheeky boys who have a great deal of depth and personality to them (yes, they obviously take after their mother!)

I was persuaded to set up a blog about a year ago, as I had an interest in writing and loved to have an outlet for my, sometimes, weird and wonderful thoughts!. My blog is a mixture of my life and everything that crashes in around me, as well as my life with my gorgeous boys (big and small).

There are also lots of product and experience reviews on my blog. We love doing reviews and we get so much fun out of them. If you would like me to review anything please do get in touch, we would be happy to hear from you.

Please do read my posts and comment, if you wish.  I promise to reply to every comment (if I’m not out taking son 1 to Piano, or son 2 to swimming, or out jogging, or picking the hubby up……the story of my life!

Happy reading……



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